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SentinelOne expands partner ecosystem with new NDR integrations

Arista, Fidelis Cybersecurity, and Vectra Joint Solutions expand the Singularity XDR Ecosystem

SentinelOne, an autonomous cybersecurity platform company, has announced new Network Detection and Response (NDR) integrations with Arista, Fidelis Cybersecurity, and Vectra are now available through the SentinelOne Singularity Marketplace. The expanding ecosystem provides unified visibility, protection, automation, and enforcement spanning the enterprise attack surface.

“SentinelOne’s XDR capabilities in concert with leading NDR partners provide a comprehensive cybersecurity approach. The power of our autonomous platform enhances NDR solutions’ ability to prevent, detect, and respond to network threats in real-time,” said Ruby Sharma, Head of Technology Partner Ecosystem at SentinelOne. “We’re committed to delivering joint technology solutions that yield superior cybersecurity outcomes for customers.”

Awake Security, the NDR security division of Arista Networks, Fidelis Cybersecurity, and Vectra AI join the SentinelOne ecosystem to integrate the Singularity XDR Platform with network detection and response (NDR) capabilities:

  • Awake Security – the joint solution provides comprehensive threat detection, rapid and effective response, endpoint containment, and forensic analysis capabilities.
    While Arista connects related network activity into a broader attack map, SentinelOne provides contextual awareness by enriching information from managed endpoints such as device name, last logged-in user, operating system details, and other endpoint characteristics.
  • Fidelis Cybersecurity – the joint solution helps organisations quickly find and quarantine threats and adversaries, investigate and prioritise risk, and effectively halt threats in progress. Together, the solution provides a complete view of the cyber terrain with unified visibility, detection, deception, investigation, and response across managed and unmanaged endpoints, network, email, and cloud environments.
  • Vectra AI integrates with SentinelOne to provide comprehensive visibility, detection, prioritisation, and response capabilities for hosts, workloads, and identities across cloud, network, and endpoint attack vectors. The joint solution provides a tightly integrated stack built on automation and actionable intelligence to stop attacks, reduce attacker lateral movement, and dwell time.

“As customers seek integrated, best-of-breed solutions, we are pleased to partner with SentinelOne,” said Rajdeep Wadhwa, head of product management at Awake Security, the NDR security division of Arista Networks. “This integration of leaders in the AI-driven EDR and NDR categories can help deliver the true eXtended Detection and Response (XDR) experience that our customers need while reducing security operations costs and lowering organisations’ risk of breach.”

“The best way to combat modern adversaries is to close visibility gaps and increase insights that help security teams find and neutralise threats faster,” said Jerry Mancini, Chief Operating Officer of Fidelis Cybersecurity. “This partnership with SentinelOne will help our mutual customers shift to a proactive cyber defense approach, reduce risk and cost, and stop adversaries before they impact business operations.”

“The combination of SentinelOne and Vectra allows our customers to gain complete visibility into their environments, from cloud to ground, reduces noise, and allows them to focus on the most complex issues and threats,” said Michael Porat, SVP, Corporate and Business Development, Vectra AI. “The detailed visibility combined with actionable high-fidelity attacker behaviour detections helps stop modern attacks before they cause damage and significantly strengthens our customer’s security posture.”

The SentinelOne Singularity ecosystem is expanding rapidly with joint solutions across threat intelligence, SIEM, CASB, sandboxing, and workflow automation. Integrations are available with no-code automation, providing collaborative defence-in-depth, streamlined operations and workflows, and unified cross-system response capabilities.