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Investment in gamified training app advances KPMG sustainability efforts

Together with KPMG’s Pure Sustainability team, Attensi has developed an app that provides effective training on ESG-related topics. The app uses game-based principles to educate users, with early results indicating success.

KPMG previously tested the solution with game-based knowledge transfer in connection with MIFID II.

KPMG Pure Sustainability focuses on ESG gamification, and the collaboration between Attensi and KPMG furthers these efforts. The game-based principles, such as reward points and instant feedback, help employees become more motivated and engaged in the training. The app allows the training to take place anywhere, at any time, giving users complete flexibility.

The outcome has been positive, with the first pilot project delivering impressive results that demonstrate the app’s engaging content, including:

  • Among the users who achieved certification, each user played 29 times on average.
  • This corresponds to 73 minutes spent on the content.
  • On average, each user played their way through the entire app 4.8 times during the test period.

Attensi partners Kjell-André Steffensen and Christian Kavli explain that the sustainability app combines knowledge and “know-how” and is effective in educating employees in Norwegian companies on sustainability issues.

Christian said: “People are really engaged, and we see that it quickly becomes a competitive game where the employees play repeatedly. It’s the same effect you see with other games like Candy Crush and the like.”

Kjell-André added: “When it comes to learning about sustainability, this type of repetition and realistic learning is pure gold.”

The benefits of the training are obvious to KPMG. Stine Lise Hattestad Bratsberg, partner at KPMG Pure Sustainability, sees great opportunities for further development. She said: “We really believe in this training, and the timing couldn’t be better. This is at the core of our sustainability efforts.”

“The sustainability space is quite large, and KPMG have a highly competent team on topics such as strategy, reporting and finance, including the EU Green Deal and the accompanying taxonomy. We create gamification solutions that help people learn about sustainability in an engaging way. For us, it is important to move from talk to action on sustainability by giving our people the knowledge they need to become agents of change.”

Stine Lise adds: “At KPMG we are used to delivering in-person lectures, but together with Attensi we are now able to deliver a broader offering to our clients, allowing employees to train whenever and wherever they want. The feedback on the ESG app so far is very positive, so we are excited about continuing to develop our product offering together with Attensi.”

Stine Lise, Christian and Kjell-André all highlight several documented benefits of game-based learning, saying: “Employees get to try a bunch of relevant challenges, and this happens in an exciting and interactive way. Competitive elements of the training are producing better results and more effective learning.”