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NinjaRMM Sees Rapid Revenue, Customer Growth As Work From Anywhere Revolution Drives International Expansion, Product Acceleration

IT management software company NinjaRMM plans expansion into UK and Australia after dramatic revenue growth, increasing customer base, and launch of Ninja Ticketing.

NinjaRMM, a unified IT operations management platform, today announced major growth in 2021 due to its ability to deliver fast and secure remote endpoint management to companies embracing hybrid- and remote working environments. In the last year, the company’s customer base increased by nearly 50% to more than 6,000 customers globally and has seen revenue rise 75% year-over-year. As NinjaRMM accelerates into a hyper-growth phase, early investments into hiring and product development have paid off with a record number of platform updates and products that will serve as fuel for continued growth.

“This year has completely blown away our expectations for the company’s growth and that’s thanks to the incredible leaders that push NinjaRMM forward every day,” said NinjaRMM CEO Sal Sferlazza. “The investments we’ve made across the company ensure that we’re delivering constant improvements to our platform faster and getting it into the hands of our customers. As we move into market leadership, I’m confident IT leaders will see just how transformative our technology can be.”


US and International Expansion

The transition to a fully remote workforce didn’t slow NinjaRMM’s hiring plan throughout 2021, which saw the company’s workforce double to 320 worldwide. Notably, NinjaRMM added two new executives to its roster with Chief Revenue Officer Dean Yeck and Chief Technology Officer Shane Stevens.

Over the next year, NinjaRMM plans to add more than 200 new employees to its global workforce. In addition to hiring for roles in sales, marketing, and support, NinjaRMM plans to nearly double its engineering and security force in 2022.

Internationally, NinjaRMM saw its Berlin-based EMEA HQ more than double and expand into more than a dozen European countries with a fully localized product and support operations. Additionally, the company has identified the United Kingdom and Australia as key growth markets. Already, the company has established in-market remote sales teams and plans to open offices in both London and Sydney in 2022.

Dean Yeck, NinjaRMM Chief Revenue Officer, said, “all over the world we’re seeing IT leaders turn to us as they seek solutions that will enable them to thrive in a distributed future. NinjaRMM’s single-pane-of-glass platform delivers an incredibly agile yet powerful endpoint management experience with unbeatable efficiency and support.”


Fueling Future Growth: Ninja Ticketing

2021 saw the release of three major updates (NinjaRMM 5.1, 5.2, 5.2.1) to NinjaRMM’s platform. Driven by users, the company introduced a slew of security features aimed at protecting user environments, new time saving features, and a new IT documentation solution. Now, the company has introduced Ninja Ticketing – a new RMM-integrated ticketing solution for IT teams to streamline support workflows.

By combining an RMM and ticketing solution into a single-pane-of-glass, NinjaRMM dramatically improves the efficiency of support operations. Through robust mapping techniques, tickets are automatically linked to their respective devices, end-users, and organizations to make communication and remediation quicker and more efficient. Technicians can quickly navigate to related devices to kick off quick remediations or gather more information for complex issues.

Ninja Ticketing is a flexible, intuitive, and collaborative workflow solution with an unlimited number of customizable forms. Users can create tickets automatically when any of the platform’s highly configurable monitoring conditions are triggered and adjust ticket status, priority, and severity based on behavior. Event- and time-based ticket automation allow users to route tickets to applicable ticket boards for prioritization. An at-a-glance dashboard of device health, performance, and ticket status at the global, organization, and individual device levels helps users stay up-to-date overview of their IT environment. Additionally, users can build fully customizable ticketing views to audit data, manage teams, and impress business leaders.

“The release of Ninja Ticketing makes our platform more valuable, more flexible, and more impactful on businesses,” said Michael Shelton, NinjaRMM VP of Customer Support and product owner of Ninja Ticketing. “Over the course of two years, we brought first-hand knowledge of what it takes to manage and support a distributed workforce and put it into this product. Ninja Ticketing was built to enable support teams to leverage the power of an RMM to fundamentally transform support operations.”

Ninja Ticketing is currently in open beta and users can contact their account representatives to start using the product.

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