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Vaultinum brings disruption to the European tech due diligence market

The technology firm supports the rise of investments in hyper-growth organisations by offering simple, automated, secure solutions to protect digital innovations and investments

Vaultinum, a leader in the protection and audit of digital assets, today announces its expansion in Europe, bringing solutions to organisations looking to protect their intellectual property (IP), avoid supplier dependency (escrow agreement) and mitigate cyber and software risks through their tech due diligence tool.

Headquartered in Geneva, Vaultinum has enabled thousands of digital creators and investors secure their innovations since 1976. Vaultinum brings its technology and expertise to more countries in Europe following success in Switzerland and France. The company will focus in particular on growth in the UK, Spain and Italy through local team expansion.

Philippe Thomas, CEO at Vaultinum, commented, “Organisations globally are experiencing accelerated investments and innovation and we see huge potential in the UK, Spain and Italy. There is increased urgency around the protection of digital assets as pressure for hyper-growth mounts whilst at the same time cyber security risks increase.”

According to Sophos data, 51% of UK organisations were affected by ransomware attacks in 2020, with criminals successfully encrypting data in 73% of these attacks. Meanwhile, investments are soaring – particularly Private Equity deals – pushing more technology organisations to innovate and scale faster than before.

“The post-pandemic bounce back has created the perfect storm as many factors leave organisations open to risk without the right due diligence. It’s no longer enough to conduct just a financial and legal audit. A comprehensive tech audit, providing a deep analysis of source code, enables organisations to feel confident in the security, scalability and maintainability of their technology assets,” added Philippe Thomas.

Unlike traditional and time-consuming approaches to software due diligence, which are often conducted by a person who manually reviews a section of source code, Vaultinum’s KYS® – Know Your Software technology audits are faster and more comprehensive by combining the power of its algorithm to scan code with its IT experts to interpret the findings. KYS – Know Your Software’s algorithm reveals any IP, security, scalability and maintainability risks by reading code line by line. The scoring algorithm is objective and provides a consistent benchmark in assessing organisations, saving time and costs.

Vaultinum also provides a deposit solution which is recognised in courts worldwide, allowing developers, digital innovators and database owners to prove ownership and secure intellectual property rights. As a trusted third party, Vaultinum secures online deposits of digital assets using the AES 256 encryption algorithm, one of the most reliable encryption algorithms currently available.

In addition, Vaultinum can provide software escrow contracts between technology suppliers and their clients to ensure business continuity in the event of a supplier failure. For organisations, this contract minimises the risk of supplier dependency and business disruption should the supplier face bankruptcy, change of ownership or issues with software maintenance. Meanwhile, software suppliers providing this reassurance gain competitive advantage.

Vaultinum brings together legal and tech experts so that organisations have the highest levels of security and protection, enabling successful innovation as well as offering digital solutions that are simple, fast and secure.


About Vaultinum

Vaultinum is a leader in the protection of digital assets, providing investors and organisations with solutions to protect their intellectual property (IP), ensure business continuity and mitigate cyber and software risks. Vaultinum is trusted and used by thousands of organisations Consilience Ventures, and Horizon Software.