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Nexthink Launches Green IT Solution to Help Reduce Digital Carbon Footprint and Drive Sustainable IT practices

Leveraging its unique digital employee experience management capabilities, Nexthink is helping businesses make environmental change at the hardware, infrastructure and employee behaviour level

Nexthink, the leader in Digital Employee Experience (DEX) management software, today announced a new Solution enabling IT teams to identify and reduce the source of unnecessary energy consumption, e-waste, and CO2 emissions within their digital landscape. The solution allows users to define, report and improve their organization’s level of Green IT maturity with factual and actionable insights. The solution allows IT to leverage Nexthink automation and targeted engagement capabilities to drive more sustainable practices and contribute to their corporate environmental goals while improving employee experience and reducing costs.

Digital technology has a serious and increasing impact on environmental emissions, making up a carbon footprint of about 4% of global carbon emissions, that’s almost double the aviation industry’s contribution of 2.5%. Calculations based on the U.S. Energy Information Administration and an average laptop energy consumption of 60Wh, show that for a company of 10,000 employees, switching off a laptop after a 7 or 8 hour workday can save up to 250metric tons of CO2 emissions and $75k a year.

“I believe giving people the information they need in real-time with context around their environmental impact can help support the necessary behavioural changes needed to improve a company’s emission outputs,” said Rainer Karcher, Global Director, IT Sustainability at Siemens. “We’ve been working on this for some time, but this new solution from Nexthink is going to be a game changer for other teams who want to tackle environmental measurement and change within their organization, but don’t know how to get started.”

The Green IT solution comes as another addition to the Nexthink Library. The Nexthink Library offers customers 100+ out-of-the-box content packs and integrations to address a wide range of common IT challenges and immediate market needs, enabling IT to customize their Nexthink Experience platform to address their personal priorities.

“Strategically Nexthink’s Library portfolio allows us to react to market needs with product offerings in almost real-time; remote working, return to office planning, etc. our goal is to enable customers to stay on top of and adapt to the latest market changes.” said Yassine Zaied, Chief Strategy Officer at Nexthink. “Green initiatives are a global concern but anticipating upcoming regulatory moves we expect to see rollouts that will require public companies to disclose their greenhouse gas emissions. Anticipating those trends and offering this solution to our customers means they’ll be in starting shape to not only report and meet governmental requirements, but to make meaningful environmental change within their organization.”

The Nexthink Green IT Solution allows IT to visualize and detect the source of settings, behaviour, hardware, or infrastructure components which contribute to needless energy and CO2 waste, as well as their related costs. This includes, for example, the identification of devices running for an excessive amount of time or underutilized servers that can be decommissioned. These issues can be solved with automated remote action to change device setting or with targeted Engage campaigns to notify and educate users about their environmental impact. Additional pack features help IT teams;

  • Identify sources of unnecessary energy consumption across devices, hardware components, and IT infrastructure.
  • Drive best practices using remote actions or targeted employee engagement.
  • Detect, baseline and reduce CO2 emissions across devices, servers, applications, hardware components and employee activities.
  • Leverage DEX Scoring to avoid hardware waste by tracking users with multiple unused hardware or detecting devices whose lifecycle can be extended.
  • Quiz your workforce about green IT best practices and deploy targeted educational reminders to employees exhibiting specific behaviours, such as never turning off a laptop.

For more information on the Green IT Solution, check out the Green IT Library Pack and blog post Green IT and DEX.