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Bright Data research shows need for tighter bot regulation

Another survey from Bright Data shows that there’s a demand across UK/US decision-makers within IT, tech and business for enhanced regulations, to drive effective, compliant and responsible bot usage.

Of course, bots are changing the way we work, saving businesses thousands of hours and significant sums per year. Despite this, due to the actions of a small number of irresponsible bot users, myths and misconceptions about this technology are rife.

Hearteningly, the research reveals that most US and UK organizations that utilize bots have developed clear compliance-driven guidelines to ensure they are used responsibly. In the US, 48% of those surveyed say they have guidelines in place to moderate all uses of bots, while another 48% say they have guidelines relating to some uses of bots. In the UK, these figures are 57% and 40% respectively.

“Bots are no longer just a futuristic ambition. It’s clear that they are now playing a crucial role in driving the real-time economy forward. Bot usage has been growing rapidly in recent years and this research highlights the rising number of use cases for this vital technology,” said Ron Kol, CTO of Bright Data.

The research also evaluated respondents’ attitudes towards bot regulation. Overall, a slim majority of respondents are satisfied with the current level of regulation related to bot use – 47% of those in US organizations and 60% of those in the UK. Meanwhile, 45% of US organizations and 33% of UK organizations say they actively want to see increased external regulation of bots.

The positive impact of bots in a growing number of industries illustrates the rising demand for this technology tool. Almost all (95%) of organizations surveyed plan to expand their automated functions, and with that bot usage, in the next two years.

The survey reveals the most common uses of bots in corporate environments. Customer service topped the list, with 76% of organizations utilizing bots to deal with customer queries and feedback.