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Exasol remains undefeated against its competitors in its peer groups in BARC’s The Data Management Survey 22

Exasol, the high-performance analytics database, achieved 26 top-rankings and five leading positions in its two peer groups in The Data Management Survey 22, an annual Software Survey conducted by BARC (Business Application Research Center). For the second consecutive year, Exasol dominates the competition in both peer groups it was scored in, scoring well above average for all KPIs, and maintaining a perfect recommend score.  

 All users reportedly chose the Exasol database because of its convincing performance. In addition, a further two-thirds (67 percent) chose Exasol because of its ease of use for technical users. This is in comparison to a score of only 36 percent for the average data management tool. Not only did Exasol excel in the technical KPIs, but it also has top ratings in the Support Quality KPI within its peer groups.  

“Exasol achieved an outstanding set of results in The Data Management Survey 22. User ratings of the Exasol database were well above average in all KPIs. Exasol is a really strong performer and leads the pack in both the Data Warehouse Technologies and Analytical Database Products peer groups. Overall, Exasol achieved 26 top rankings across its two peer groups and was awarded a 10/10 rating in five KPIs. Very impressive,” said Timm Grosser, Senior Analyst Data & Analytics at BARC and author of the study. “Exasol has ranked impressively well in all the key areas and 100 percent of users surveyed would recommend its high-performance analytics database to others.” 

 The survey features a range of different types of data management tools which are grouped into six peer groups to allow for fair and useful comparisons. The Exasol database was evaluated in both the Analytical Database Products peer group and the Data Warehouse Technologies peer group using 17 KPIs which are determined by BARC. According to the report, Exasol is strongly rated compared to its rivals and clearly leads in its two peer groups where it was awarded 10/10 in the following five categories:   

  • Functionality,  
  • Platform Reliability,  
  • Performance,  
  • Product Satisfaction and, 
  • Recommendation.  

The Exasol database also received high rankings in the following categories: Price to Value, Customer Satisfaction, Support Quality, Time to Market, Developer Efficiency, Technical Capability, Usability and Automation.  

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to see that Exasol has, yet again, dominated its peer groups in BARC’s The Data Management Survey 22,” said Aaron Auld, CEO of Exasol. “These outstanding results are demonstrative of how we are, and continue to be, completely focused on our customers. In an increasingly data-driven environment it is our upmost priority to ensure that we are delivering a platform to our customers that enables them to access exceptionally fast data analytics and that gives them the ability to derive valuable insights from their data whenever they need to.”  

They survey shows that 87 percent of survey respondents use Exasol for data warehousing and business intelligence (BI), 63 percent for data integration and 60 percent for data preparation. Download the report, which includes a detailed overview of Exasol’s highlight results in BARC’s The Data Management Survey 22.  

The survey was conducted by BARC (Business Application Research Center), Europe’s leading analyst firms for business software based in Würzburg, Germany. Exasol was rated in the Data Warehousing Technologies and Analytical Database peer groups across 17 KPIs. 

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