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eyeo celebrates ten years of fighting for a fairer, more balanced internet

eyeo, developer of best-in-class ad-filtering technology found in millions of browsers and products around the world, celebrates its tenth birthday today. Over the last decade, the company has established a reputation for innovation in the advertising industry, through pioneering initiatives such as the Acceptable Ads Standard and with a range of privacy-focused tools, including its recent Crumbs product. This is all part of eyeo’s mission to empower a fair and sustainable online value exchange. 

Founded in 2011 in Cologne, Germany, eyeo has expanded rapidly in the years since, with its technology now used by more than 225 million people around the world. It has formed partnerships with a range of big tech companies, advertisers and publishers. eyeo employs 250 people across 32 countries, with offices in Berlin and Malmo alongside its Cologne headquarters.

Till Faida, founder and CEO at eyeo, said: “Throughout our journey, we’ve always been passionate about disrupting the industry, recognizing the need to give users greater control over their browsing experience.

“As we evolved as a company, it became clear that the best way to build a sustainable internet is if the diverse needs of all stakeholders are met, including users, advertisers, publishers and technology companies.”

This drive for sustainability led to the development of eyeo’s ad-filtering technology, in a move away from the tenets of pure ad blocking, and the advent of the Acceptable Ads Standard, which encourages advertising if it is done in a respectful, nonintrusive manner. More recently, eyeo introduced Crumbs, a product which provides an additional layer of privacy protection for users when browsing online, and its first dedicated advertiser solution, Trestle, reiterating its efforts to bring value to all stakeholders. 

These products and services offer innovative solutions to foster fairness and viable monetization while always promoting a positive user experience, laying the framework for the realization of eyeo’s vision of a fair and prosperous internet.

Commenting on the future, Faida says the eyeo team is looking forward to continuing on this path and bringing further innovations to the table: “We’ve achieved a lot in the ten years since we were formed, diversifying beyond our early flagship products such as Adblock Plus and Adblock Browser and working in tandem with all stakeholders in building a balanced internet. But our work is far from done: we’re excited about collaborating even more closely with our technology partners, advertisers and publishers to further refine our ad-filtering tech and ensure users have a browsing experience where they are in control of their privacy and what they see on screen.

“We’re looking forward to bringing more new products to market that will help us further this aim. After all, the internet is a wonderful resource that has changed the lives of millions around the world, so it’s important that we all look after it and take steps to keep it fair and prosperous for everyone.”

Faida concluded: “Here’s to a decade of success for eyeo, and hopefully many more years of prosperity to come!”