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Nitro Launches Toronto Hub to Expand North American Presence

Nitro Software is expanding its presence in North America with a new Toronto hub. With an existing headquarters in San Francisco and additional international hubs in Dublin, London, and Melbourne, Toronto as a second North American location is an ideal fit for the business.

“Over the last 12-18 months the landscape of how we operate and work has changed dramatically,” said Gina O’Reilly, Chief Operating Officer of Nitro. “There is no longer a need for employees to be physically present Mon-Fri in a single location, which is why we’ve launched a ‘Flexible Forever’ policy at Nitro which we believe provides the best of both worlds – it allows Nitronauts to live and work from wherever they choose with some regular in-person time as and when it makes most sense (planning sessions, team meetings, social gatherings, etc.) This silver lining to the pandemic has allowed us to think outside the box and presented an opportunity for companies like Nitro to access more diverse, highly-skilled talent in other locations around the world, expanding a digital-first workforce to more effectively cover global time zones.”

Nitro selected Toronto as the optimal east coast location that could support hiring new and diverse talent. Additionally, Canada’s relationship with both the U.S. and Europe opens the door for future internal employee transfers and growth. In establishing operations, Nitro worked closely with Toronto Global, a team of experienced business advisors assisting global businesses to expand into the Toronto Region.

“Toronto ticked all the boxes in terms of what we were looking for in a second North American hub – an easily accessible East-coast location for optimal time zone coverage, general ease of doing business, cultural alignment, and most importantly, access to some of the world’s top tech talent,” added O’Reilly. “Toronto Global really helped accelerate our entire evaluation and setup process and their support has been invaluable. Since then, the team has grown to almost 25 people since the beginning of the year and we’re looking forward to even more growth in the future.”

“With one of the most highly skilled and diverse workforces in the world, Toronto is a top destination for business and talent,” said Toronto Mayor, John Tory. “Nitro’s investment is a testament to the Toronto Region’s strong reputation as a technology hub and our attractiveness to international companies. I applaud Nitro for its mission to digitally transform businesses and I am pleased to welcome the company to our innovative business community.”

Nitro has experienced significant success in its Toronto hiring to-date. What started out as a focused sales hub has since expanded to become a strong source of talent across Sales, Marketing, Customer Experience, People, and Finance. As Nitro scales, the company continues to see a strong pipeline of high calibre talent throughout the Toronto Region.