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Quickchannel upgrades branding in customer engagement push

Quickchannel, a provider of high-performance online streaming and recording services, has today announced its latest brand update to enhance the customer experience as many businesses continue their use of online streaming services.

In a time where industries had no choice but to host sessions online, it is clear that there have been a huge number of practical and ecological benefits to streaming events over physical attendance. The most obvious of these being convenience, no need to travel, and 24-hour access through mobile and desktop devices.

But even as in-person meetings and events return, opting for online alternatives is likely to stay, prompting those in the streaming industry to invest in their customers and their new expectations. With this in mind, Quickchannel has made its users the focus of its new look, driving great customer experiences with an intuitive streaming solution.

Ideal for corporations and the public sector, the robust and feature-rich streaming platform has the next generation of streaming solutions in mind by offering a secure and creative service. Live or on-demand, the user-friendly, secure and trusted streaming platform can be used at scale to engage both customers and employees. With everything designed with the end-user and longevity in mind, a unique, quality experience is assured through a custom branded video player.

Without the restrictions that come with physical events, the Quickchannel platform can provide access to smart tools that give its users an overview of the lifecycle of their videos, as well as the peace of mind that all content and user data is fully secure in compliance with WCAG and GDPR. Customers can also benefit from real-time analytics so that broadcasts and webinars can be tracked using video analytics both live and on-demand.

After facing a number of obstacles in the last year, Quickchannel has made it its mission to provide cutting edge solutions that solve its customers’ challenges. With its sights set on being the ‘best in class video streaming and recording platforms’, the company is continuously striving to exceed its customers’ expectations in order to make an impact as well as offering longstanding value for its users.

With climate change now at the front of our minds, having access to an online service that saves time on travel as well as benefiting the environment encourages businesses to be not only future-proof but also eco-conscious and aware of what customers expect. With the road ahead now a complete contrast to that of 2019, video is the future and has already greatly improved the customer experience even when faced with the greatest of challenges.

For more information, please visit Quickchannel’s website here.