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Trenches Law unlocks network build potential for ITS

A collaboration between Trenches Law and network provider ITS, has unlocked a vast programme of work, as the full fibre specialist pursues its goal to deliver ultrafast connectivity in as-yet-untapped areas of the UK.

The team’s Faster Britain network provides gigabit capable solutions to local authorities, business parks, multi dwelling units (MDUs), and wider communities. And when legal support was required to cement a new customer relationship, ITS turned to Trenches Law.

With decades of experience in both commercial and telecoms law, Trenches Law oversaw the process to define and finalise a Master Services Agreement (MSA) between ITS and its wholesalers and resellers of telecommunications services including dark fibre.

Clearly outlining the bounds of the contractual relationship – including everything from delivery scope and liabilities, to service levels, payment terms and dispute resolution – the MSA will now act as the foundation of future strategic deals.

Through support from Trenches Law, ITS has been able to exponentially grow the volume of circuits being ordered by their partners.

Commenting on the project, Dave Ferry, director of business development at ITS, said: “Having known of Sharon McDermott’s expertise for many years, I wouldn’t have gone anywhere other than Trenches Law for this type of support.

“We needed a legal team with a solid understanding of commercial and telecoms law – particularly the pressures, pace and nuances of this ambitious environment. A potentially complex process was made both hassle free and watertight, and has unlocked a huge opportunity for ITS in terms of our ongoing build of next-generation networks.

“We’ve seen demand for bandwidth and resilience rocket over the last 12 months – especially given the surge in hybrid working – so powerful connectivity is imperative.”

ITS employs more than 60 people and has over 160 partners throughout the UK.