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Exasol Achieves Carbon Neutrality for 2020 and Commits to a 42% Reduction in Emissions by 2030

The carbon neutral certificate for 2020 is part of Exasol’s long-term plan that outlines the company’s commitment to sustainability

Exasol, the high-performance analytics database, today announced new ambitious targets to significantly reduce its GHG emissions by 2030. In line with levels required to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees, Exasol has committed to reducing its emissions by 42% for GHG Protocol Scopes 1 and 2. Furthermore, Exasol has also committed to continuous measurement and monitoring of emissions from scope 3 with a view to reducing these as much as possible.

In addition, Exasol is proud to announce that it has been certified as carbon neutral for 2020, meaning the company offset 100 percent of the carbon dioxide emissions (CO₂) for all operations that year.

“We have now been certified as carbon neutral for 2019 and 2020, but this is only the beginning,” said Mathias Golombek, CTO and Green Team Ambassador at Exasol. “It is very important for us that we do everything we can to be as sustainable as possible. We only have one planet, and it is our duty to do our bit to protect it and look after it. It is not enough to pay to offset emissions, although we will continue to do so, but our goal is to significantly reduce our footprint across the board. The Exasol Green Team is doing a fantastic job of this already.”

Exasol’s Green Team, led by an Environmental Officer, is working on implementing the strategy that will ensure the company meets the target of reducing emissions by 42% by 2030. The Team will take actions to educate all Exasol employees and support green initiatives, as well as review existing practices to identify areas for improvement. Working with Planetly, Exasol’s sustainability partner, the Green Team will oversee the move towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly model for Exasol.

Exasol officially supports two high-quality carbon offsetting projects located in the Amazon, Peru, and Borneo, Indonesia, both of which have been certified by the Gold Standard or the VCS Standard and contribute to different UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The projects include REDD + Rainforest Project, Borneo, and Amazon Rainforest Protection Project, Peru. Through these projects, Exasol has been certified as carbon neutral for 2019 and 2020.

Exasol’s priority is reducing its carbon footprint as much as possible to limit the impact of its operations on the environment, while continuing to offset unavoidable emissions via certified REDD+ projects.

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