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Financial Security Tech Set for a Revolution According to New Report

A new report concludes that financial security will be next big growth sector in tech

A new report collated by Bruntwood SciTech has recently revealed that the financial security sector is expected to be the next big disruptor in the technology space.

Using specialist industry research tools, the report is a collation of millions of online conversations across social media to understand which sectors have the potential to become the next big thing in technology.

At the moment the finance sector is connected by machine learning tech and complex algorithms that are used to make vital financial decisions. The current systems are designed to detect fraud, automate trading activity, and assign complex algorithms to financial services for a more secure financial ecosystem.

However, the report suggests that the focus will continue to be placed on securing financial activity from a security perspective throughout the world, which means that the evolution of algorithms and continually complex machine learning will be vital in tackling the challenges facing the financial sector moving forward.

The report than goes on to suggest that any machine learning and AI engineering organisations should consider investing heavily in the future of the financial sector to really capitalise on this upward trajectory.

As per the report, both Tookitaki and Darktrace, are two businesses already benefitting from these trends. Tookitaki, a cloud-based Anti-Money Laundering software provider has seen 7000% growth in the past six months, whereas the self-learning cyber security AI system developer Darktrace has seen growth patterns of 347% in the past twelve months alone.