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Alpine F1 Team Signs Global Enterprise Deal for KX Insights

KX, a worldwide leader in real-time streaming analytics, today announced that Alpine F1 Team has signed a global enterprise deal for KX Insights, its cloud-first, real-time streaming analytics platform that will run on Microsoft Azure.  The deal, which builds on an already highly successful relationship between the two organizations, will enable Alpine F1 Team to rapidly scale-up its real-time decision-making capabilities and implement an operating model of continuous actionable business intelligence for enhanced performance both on and off the track.


In a sport where winning is measured in fractions of a second, the ability to make split-second decisions based on the analysis of real-time and historic data gives the team a real competitive advantage. Over the last 18 months, KX has become Alpine F1 Team’s holistic data science platform of choice, helping it spot and react to problems before they happen and identify opportunities to increase performance, all in milliseconds. The move to KX Insights will further help drive the team forward.


KX Insights provides a single point of access to data across the entire organization, regardless of system, format or location. It takes advantage of hybrid cloud architecture to deliver fast, scalable real-time data insights without the added burden of infrastructure, complicated upgrades or the need to optimize for different cloud environments. With KX Insights, Alpine F1 Team can futureproof its cloud ecosystem and data infrastructure with its chosen cloud partner, Azure.

Dan Seal, Senior Vice President, KX said: “The deal for KX Insights reflects the desire of Alpine F1 Team to continue to apply KX’s performance for ingesting and analyzing data. With flexible and affordable access to a high-performance analytics platform, KX Insights transforms operational performance and drives competitive differentiation.”

Nathan Sykes; IT, Business Systems and Data Science Director, Alpine F1 Team said: “KX Insights now puts us in the position where we can fully utilize the capabilities of our cloud infrastructure on Microsoft Azure. We can easily scale up and down as required while adding new data streams with ease. Add this to the powerful pipelines we already have access to in KX tools for ingesting data and visualizing the results in fractions of a second. This will give us access to even more data allowing for even greater insights via analytics as well as taking our models to a greater complexity and accuracy.”

Mike Downey, tech lead for Sports, Microsoft said: “With billions of data points being captured at the track and at the factory, it is critical to have a cloud infrastructure that is agile and can enable tools such as KX Insights to deliver information in real-time. Alpine F1 Team’s use of Microsoft Azure is an example of enabling data driven decision making in a sport where every second matters.”


Taking full advantage of Azure, KX Insights will benefit from numerous existing cloud native services. With Kubernetes support and access to some of the lowest cost storage tiers including Azure Blob Storage, it also offers lower infrastructure and maintenance costs than standard deployments. Built on kdb+, one of the world’s fastest time-series databases, it can be configured and running in just a few clicks. It is available on Azure through the Azure Marketplace.