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SecuX Firmware Update App now available on App Store and Google Play

SecuX Technology Inc. is launching its update app for iOS and Android devices, allowing users to update their SecuX device firmware via Bluetooth connection. Previously only available with USB connection and Chrome browser on the company’s web application SecuXess, causing mobile users to switch between different platforms. Now with the latest addition, SecuX Firmware Update App provides a fast, safe and easy firmware update process via Bluetooth connection for SecuX V20 and W20 hardware wallets. The interactive, built-in, step-by-step guide prepares users to follow instructions, and complete firmware update in just a few minutes.


Why Do I Need to Update Firmware?

At SecuX, we are continuously updating and improving our products and services, so that users worldwide can utilize it to their full capacities. Your SecuX wallet device will be required to update its firmware from time to time, as we add support for new coins, tokens and other features.


Before You Start

Before you can start updating firmware on your SecuX device, the app would remind you to prepare the following items

– Recovery Words & Passphrase: in case a reset or restore process is required during or after the update.

– A Safe and Stable Internet Connection to ensure security to your digital assets and downloading firmware.

– Mobile device and Wallet sufficiently charged and a charger: your mobile/ tablet device and your SecuX wallet should be at least 50% charged to avoid interruption during update. A power source or a charger should be at hand for your SecuX device to enter Update Mode successfully.


Enter Update Mode

There are 4 easy steps for your SecuX device to enter update mode. Each step is illustrated as well as animated in detail for users to follow and enter the SecuX device into Update Mode:

Step 1 – Disconnect USB cable from SecuX device.

Step 2 – Turn off SecuX device by holding down the power button for 3 seconds.

Step 3 – Hold down the power button for 10 seconds until SecuX device enters update mode.

Step 4 – Connect SecuX device to a power source with the USB cable provided.


Secure Connection, Download, Verification and Installation

Once your SecuX device is in update mode, you can begin the firmware update process. The SecuX Firmware Update App will automatically start to establish Bluetooth connection, download firmware, verify firmware version and install firmware on your SecuX device. Please refrain from leaving the app, disconnecting the power source, switching off your mobile phone and SecuX device, or other actions that may cause the update process to be unsuccessful.



SecuX Firmware Update App is fully compatible with SecuX V20 and W20 hardware wallets via Bluetooth connection.

After updating the firmware successfully on your SecuX device, you can connect your SecuX wallet to SecuX Mobile App or SecuXess web application, and manage your crypto assets safely and securely.

For a step-by-step guide on how to update firmware via Bluetooth on mobile devices, please visit:


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