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The how to guide to Digital Transformation

A new book release promises to offer a practical guide to delivering digital transformation

• Digital transformation should be the number one priority for all organisations

• Turning talk into action is more challenging for larger or more mature organisations

• Digital transformation should be embedded into an organisation’s culture

• New book guides managers and executives through the practical steps to delivery

Everyone is talking about Digital Transformation, but once you get beyond the buzz words how can organisations achieve it? Covid-19 might have accelerated digital transformation by seven years but many organisations risk being left behind unless they can turn talk into action. Successful Digital Transformation, the new book by Marc Beijen, seeks to deliver the skills to do just that.

Marc is founder and partner of Novius, a company of Royal HaskoningDHV. As architect of the Novius Business Transformation Framework, Marc draws on his 30-years of industry experience to create an accessible survival guide for managers and executives.

Aimed squarely at those charged with delivering digital transformation on a practical level, his new guide breaks down the process into a phase model and identifies the five essential digital breakthroughs that any organisation needs to accomplish to transition between phases.

Speaking of the book Marc said: “There is much written about digital transformation but often the case studies and examples are so polished that they feel unobtainable to anyone tasked with bringing change to their own organisation. Unless an organisation is a start-up its highly likely that legacy systems and processes will prevent a seamless digital transformation. I hope to give readers the tools to assess their own organisations and a ‘how to’ guide to achieving their real-world digital transformation ambitions.”

Marc has worked with some of the world’s leading brands and recognises the challenges that all organisations face – from large companies with layers of complexity to smaller companies trying to spread themselves too thinly.

Through a mixture of text, tables, diagrams and industry examples, the book guides the reader through both the theory and the practical side of digital transformation. Outlining not only the essential steps but also the key success or failure factors that are central to Marc’s approach. Elaborating on, amongst other factors, the importance of C-level direction and organisational behaviour change, Marc explains not just why each of these is essential to a successful transition but also the how of implementing them.

Marc continues: “Digital transition should be the number one priority for any organisation, the changes in the last few years due to Covid have shown us what might be possible if organisations follow up the talk of digital transition with action. It’s not just getting started though, it’s about creating a culture where digital transition is ongoing, and every member of an organisation understands why.”