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Zerto Innovates with Mobility and Resilience to New Platforms and Full Protection of Kubernetes Components

Earlier this year, Zerto established its leadership in the Kubernetes data protection space with the release of Zerto for Kubernetes, bringing continuous data protection for backup and disaster recovery (DR) to a native Kubernetes (K8s) experience.  

IT pros and organisations are starting to realise the importance of protecting their Kubernetes applications. Containers and cloud-native workloads are not immune from disruptive events and data loss. This includes human errors, outages, but most importantly: ransomware.  

Ransomware attacks are no longer specific to applications run on physical or virtual servers. As container adoption grows, so does the target of these applications. Malware is being designed and built specifically to target Kubernetes clusters. Once they’re in, hackers can run malicious containers and spread to other nodes within the cluster.  

As an organisation, whether DevOps or IT infrastructure, how would you handle a scenario like this? 

What are the consequences?  

These scenarios are what make organisations realise the importance of true data protection solutions to remain resilient when facing ransomware attacks. Yet traditional backup and DR solutions aren’t up to the challenge of protecting Kubernetes applications.  

That’s where Zerto’s true value and differentiation are evident. We’ve brought our experience in data protection and resilience with continuous data protection to a native, purpose-built solution to protect your K8s. This includes the following capabilities: 

  • Data protection as code: Purpose-built for Kubernetes, Zerto integrates both backup and disaster recovery into the application deployment lifecycle from day one while enabling rapid development. 
  • Continuous data protection: Always-on replication provides continuous protection for automated, non-disruptive recovery of containerised applications within and between clusters, data centres, or clouds.  
  • Hybrid and multi-cloud: Native support for your Kubernetes environments, no matter where they’re running: on-premises or in the cloud, use Zerto to protect to, from, and between the platform of your choice. 
  • Environment and application awareness: Protect and recover complex applications as one consistent entity, including all required resources (such as statefulsets, deployments, secrets, services, etc) 
  • Simple, native workflows: Easy built-in workflows using kubectl, YAML-based configuration, and common tools such as Helm  

In order to continue to bring availability and resilience to Kubernetes applications, we are pleased to announce the release of new capabilities and platform support. Zerto for Kubernetes (Z4K) delivers disaster recovery, backup, and data mobility to containerised applications. Z4K’s new version includes new platforms, data mobility, and resilience for non-persistent applications. New capabilities include: 

  • Support for VMware Tanzu (6.7 and 7.0) and Rook Ceph 
  • Protection of stateless applications for both backup and disaster recovery in addition to existing support for stateful applications and persistent volumes 
  • Restore to a separate namespace so you can test recovery without impacting production namespaces 

This is just the beginning; Zerto will continue to drive new capabilities and pave the way for DevOps and IT infrastructure teams to remain resilient and eliminate any disruption or data loss.