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Zscaler Joins Crowdstrike Crowdxdr Alliance, Announces New Integrations That Extend Zero Trust Protection To Internal And External Applications

Leading cloud security vendors expand partnership to address ongoing threats from ransomware and identity theft in the enterprise

Zscaler, Inc., the leader in cloud security, has announced expanded integrations with CrowdStrike, a leader in cloud-delivered endpoint and workload protection. The first of the integrations allows Zscaler ZIA™ to leverage CrowdStrike Falcon ZTA (Zero Trust Assessment) device scores for access policy configuration. Together with Zscaler Zscaler ZPA™, joint Zscaler and CrowdStrike customers can now extend zero trust protection to both internal and external applications. Additionally, Humio, a CrowdStrike company, is now able to ingest Zscaler logs, providing customers with the visibility to correlate with EDR telemetry to identify threats, and swiftly take action to mitigate sophisticated attacks. Zscaler will also be participating in the CrowdXDR Alliance to enhance end-to-end visibility and control across domains, with in-depth data analytics and AI-assisted investigation and remediation capabilities.

“Our expanded partnership with CrowdStrike is a step forward for businesses that look for enhanced user micro-segmentation and greater control over application or data access,” said Steve House, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Zscaler. “We’re proud to say that collaborating with CrowdStrike has allowed us to integrate our ZPA and ZIA solutions with the CrowdStrike ZTA score, which can be used to deliver new zero trust security features that have greater impact in the work-from-anywhere era.”

Cybercriminals are constantly looking for new ways to breach personal and corporate networks. The growing popularity of remote workforces has created a fertile environment for identity theft and double-extortion ransomware attacks. With traditional login and passwords becoming insufficient for application security, more factors such as device posture are becoming essential aspects of defining and protecting the identity of individual users. The new Zscaler integrations allow ZIA customers to use CrowdStrike’s ZTA score as an access control feature to help create a defence-in-depth approach to cross-platform workflows and remotely accessible applications.

In addition to the new integrations, Zscaler will join the CrowdStrike CrowdXDR Alliance to help connect siloed security systems that may lack interoperability features needed to protect their hybrid environments against lateral threats.

By sharing relevant telemetry across Zscaler and CrowdStrike, customers will be able to further bolster their defences with advanced detection and response capabilities, maximising their investment return. Additional new benefits for joint customers include:

  • Greater network visibility: As more organisations continue to deploy work-from-anywhere policies, IT teams require greater visibility into user and application access to maintain cybersecurity
  • Better app access control: Leveraging the CrowdStrike ZTA device posture, the new integrations use ZIA access control to link application access with a device vector. This provides better policy management of both internal and external applications, reducing risk of exposure
  • Effective telemetry sharing: CrowdStrike will be able to consume Zscaler telemetry to gain additional visibility across the cloud and network, opening up new capabilities for detection and remediation of threats across domains, such as ransomware and identity theft

“Our expanding integrations with Zscaler continue our commitment to deliver frictionless zero trust to customers from the endpoint to the application. Additionally, we’re excited to welcome Zscaler to the CrowdStrike CrowdXDR ecosystem and are looking forward to working closely together to provide stronger end-to-end visibility for our customers,” said Amol Kulkarni, Chief Product and Engineering Officer, CrowdStrike. “The increase in global ransomware attacks has shown that CrowdStrike’s industry-leading detection, protection and remediation capabilities are required across multiple domains and tools to keep our customers safe and effectively stop breaches anywhere.”

Zscaler will be discussing its new integrations in a breakout session at this year’s CrowdStrike Fal.Con virtual event, Oct. 12 – 15, 2021. Join Sean Mason, Managing Director of Cyber Defense at United Airlines, in a deep dive into their zero trust cyber defense strategy and their experience with Zscaler and CrowdStrike. More details are available here: United Airlines: Defending Against Ransomware With Zero Trust Security and XDR With Zscaler and CrowdStrike.

“As part of United’s digital security transformation, we decided to pursue a cloud-first strategy for reducing the attack surface and securing endpoints, with a focus on inspection and control to be able to effectively and quickly respond to threats,” said Sean Mason, Managing Director of Cyber Defense at United. “The CrowdStrike-Zscaler integration has really allowed us to defend United in ways we weren’t able to before.”

Read more about Zscaler’s expanded integrations with CrowdStrike here.

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