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RealWear Android-Based Head-Mounted Devices are the First to be Supported By Microsoft Endpoint Manager for Frontline Workers

RealWear, has announced that its assisted reality wearable is the first Android Open Source Project (AOSP) device supported by Microsoft Endpoint Manager, Microsoft’s unified endpoint security and device management platform. Microsoft Endpoint Manager’s support for AOSP (Android Open Source Program) management is currently in public preview and enables enterprises to configure, provision, and secure RealWear devices, which enterprises are increasingly using with Microsoft Teams to enable remote collaboration with frontline workers on the job.

The solution makes it easier for enterprises to secure these devices and deploy them widely across their organisation. IT staff can easily configure RealWear devices for shared or single user use and ensure they are security compliant.

Partnering to Increase Frontline Worker Collaboration with Microsoft Teams on RealWear

The new device management solution announced today further supports RealWear’s collaboration with Microsoft announced last year, when RealWear first announced that it was integrating Microsoft Teams with its assisted reality wearables.

Since then, industry-leading enterprises like Goodyear and Mars have rapidly adopted RealWear assisted reality wearables and Microsoft Teams, allowing their frontline workers to remotely collaborate hand-free with others, even in safety-critical industrial work environments. Year over year, from October 2020 through today, Teams on RealWear adoption grew by 251%, more than tripling the number of Teams users on the device.

“Before the pandemic, enterprises saw the value in offering safe, fully hands-free remote expert guidance to their front-line workers, while maintaining situational awareness. Lockdowns and travel restrictions then accelerated this trend, as enterprises witnessed the tremendous safety and productivity benefits of collaboration,” said Sanjay Jhawar, RealWear’s Co-founder and President. “Now, with Microsoft Endpoint Manager’s new support for RealWear devices, enterprises can securely deploy to thousands more employees, using a modern Device Owner management model along with their smart phones and tablets.”

“Microsoft Endpoint Manager’s support of RealWear devices allows enterprises to configure, provision, and secure RealWear devices using the same cloud-based platform they use to manage devices that access corporate data,” said Steve Dispensa, Vice President of Enterprise Management at Microsoft.