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Cambridge University Press To Transform Learning With Future Processing

Future Processing, a leading software development company, announces that it has partnered with one of the world’s leading research and education institutions, Cambridge University Press (the Press). The partnership aims to drive digital innovation and help grow the capabilities of the Academic technology team.

As the oldest university press in the world, the Press is committed to sharing knowledge as widely as possible across the globe. It publishes over 2,500 books each year for distribution across 200 countries, in addition to Cambridge Journals producing over 250 peer reviewed academic journals across a variety of subject areas.

A team of 16 dedicated Future Processing engineers have been onboarded to help boost the Press’s capabilities in managing advanced software development and in developing its enhanced digital products.

The collaboration began in January 2020 to expand the capabilities of Cambridge Core, a platform that brings together the Press’s academic books and journals publishing. The team of engineers continue to support and develop the processes and coding for the platform to ensure it remains fully responsive, stable, and intuitive, to maximise user experience.

The Press also launched Cambridge Open Engage, its early and open content and collaboration platform, developed by Future Processing and inhouse researchers. The platform expands on the technology behind Cambridge Core to publish early and open research outputs. Now all content is open, free to the reader and free for the author to upload.

Marek Kowalczuk, Client Engagement Manager at Future Processing commented: “Future Processing’s partnership with Cambridge University Press represents the company’s ongoing dedication to support software maintenance for an organisation of such high calibre. The Press will continue to use us as expert consultants, meaning the team will work side by side with future technology trends to make the best decisions on software that will evolve with Cambridge University Press.”

Carolyn Robson, Technology Director for the Press’s Academic publishing group, said: “Working with the Future Processing team has been a great experience. They’ve done a fabulous job of integrating with our teams and played a big part in getting some of our key initiatives delivered on time. We look forward to strengthening the relationship further in 2021 and to working in partnership to achieve even more for our customers.”