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Two-Thirds Of Manufacturers Struggle To Use Simulation Software Effectively

The news comes despite 96% of organisations currently using simulation software

More than half of manufacturers (57%) feel that the simulation software they use to design new factories or upgrade existing sites is not easy-to-use, with two-thirds (66%) admitting to not using the software efficiently, according to a new study of UK based manufacturing decision-makers by Visual Components.

More than one in 10 (13%) of manufacturers also admitted that the current solution they are using does not meet the organisation’s needs at all, while almost 96% of organisations currently do use simulation software in some capacity. The appetite for supporting technologies is however growing among organisations, with AI (24%) viewed as important to building or redesigning the factories of the future.

Steve Morris, Country Manager UK & I, Visual Components said, “It’s clear that numerous organisations are finding that their current simulation solutions aren’t easy-to-use, which is holding them back. Investment in the right simulation software will enable organisations to benefit from logical, simple workflows and a ready-to-use library of manufacturing equipment.”

Investment in the right easy-to-use simulation software would also help organisations tackle two of the four biggest challenges identified in the survey when building a new manufacturing site, including capacity planning (12%) and selection of the optimal line layout (13%).

Morris added: “Investment in factory upgrades or new sites is shaping the future of manufacturing tomorrow, so those organisations that make costly mistakes will inevitably lose out. Simulation software is a precious tool in helping organisations to get it right first time.”