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Four things to focus on for Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Now that we are more than halfway through Cybersecurity Awareness Month, it’s a good time to reflect on the measures that all organisations can take to improve their overall security posture. Cyber vigilance remains critical as many employees work remotely or in a hybrid pattern. To avoid damaging cyber incidents, Security Operations teams need to continually educate employees about the risks to vital enterprise assets.

According to the latest blog from NETSCOUT, a leading cybersecurity and network diagnostics firm, there are four fundamental considerations when it comes to security:

  1. Risk management should be a component of the organisational change management process. As businesses regularly add new features to their networks and upgrade systems, it is vital to ensure that those changes are also incorporated into their security solutions
  2. Construct audit/governance checks for third-party partners and vendors. As most organisations have third-party software in place across their network, it is imperative to analyse how this supply chain connects with the partners and vendors, as well as to examine the strength of the third-party’s cybersecurity measures
  3. Children are a potential risk factor. Although not recommended, some people allow their children use their work-issued devices while working remotely. This can result in sensitive enterprise data being exposed to cyber infiltration, compromise, or even theft
  4. Reassess your organisations risk profile. With the pandemic continuing to shift traditional workplace dynamics, organisations should regularly re-evaluate their risk profiles in order to discover where major vulnerabilities exist

The full blog post can be found here:


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