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Bleenco launches new no-code AI platform for accessible and customizable AI-solutions

Bleenco, the Munich-based Artificial Intelligence startup has launched “Bleenco Go”, the first no-code AI platform delivering AI for real-world solutions in industrial settings. It offers accessible AI solutions for operational managers that allow them to elevate human safety and operational efficiency, and the tools and components for AI R&D departments to build and maintain AI solutions for their daily businesses – without the need to code. With the launch of the platform, Bleenco brings global AI knowledge together in one place and revolutionises the way operational managers and R&D innovative departments can implement AI solutions in their organization’s daily businesses.

Bleenco Go focuses on tackling the typically challenging aspects in the development cycle of AI solutions that constitute 65% of the development costs and 80% of the recurring costs to keep the solution up to date and running. Tackling these steps heads on enables Bleenco to build different AI solutions and deliver them to its clients rapidly.

“In just a few months, we managed to implement this innovative pilot project in cooperation with Bleenco. The system processes images from a camera that detects whether people are wearing the correct protective equipment in the camera’s field of vision,” said Theresa Noll, Director of Innovation Management with Westnetz GmbH.

‘’During the covid-19 crisis, the Bleenco team took from us the challenge to build an accurate automatic temperature screening system in record time using affordable equipment. Bleenco was extremely resourceful at solving every hurdle along the way,‘’ said Alain Ibanez Martinez, Supply Chain Digital Transformation Manager at Unilever.

Nonetheless, building AI is an expensive game of resources, when considering the data, talent, and computing resources required. AI is a complex field. Experts are expensive and difficult to find, budgets are swiftly depleted with no significant ROI. Moreover, there’s often a discrepancy between research and industrial application, a problematic lack of explainability and customization due to black-boxed technology, and a constant need for updates as the technology moves rapidly. Bleenco aims to solve these problems by offering both a large selection of pre-made solutions and components, as well as the ability to create and prototype components and solutions from scratch 8 times faster and costing 12 times less in recurring expenses when compared to the status quo.

‘’We need better tools for collaborative problem-solving and transferring novel AI research into market-ready AI applications that are easy to build, customise, maintain and explain,‘’ states Irman Abdić. Bleenco’s CEO. “Our platform streamlines AI research into production much faster than any other platform, offering our clients not only more information on novel AI components but also a large selection at a lower cost.‘’

Bleenco Go importantly operates through a modular method, by which solutions are built. Rather than providing single binary black boxes which can’t be easily explained, solutions are factored into processing pipelines made out of different computational “building blocks” called components. This allows users to easily modify and customize solutions to meet their needs without the need to code.


Bleenco is an Artificial Intelligence company building a software platform for the  automation of manual processes in industry 4.0. Its product, Bleenco Go, is the first no-code platform delivering AI for real-world solutions in industrial settings. It comes with ready-to-use AI solutions for operational managers that allow them to elevate safety and operational efficiency. For R&D teams, Bleenco offers them the tools to build AI solutions that are custom to their company’s contexts, without coding. Bleenco was founded in 2017 in Munich, Germany by Irman Abdić who was joined by Jan, Bernhard, Julian, Hugh, Firat, Ehsan, and Adonis soon after. And then, Gabriel and Richard reinforced the team. Today, many big corporations already make use of Bleenco’s services, including Unilever, Daimler, E.ON, and Roche.