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Aiimi appoints Bytes Software Services as an official referral partner for the Aiimi Insight Engine

Data and AI enterprise Aiimi has appointed Bytes Software Services to act as a referral partner for its Aiimi Insight Engine software platform, including a purpose-built Data Privacy & Compliance solution.

Data expert Aiimi has appointed leading IT solutions group Bytes Software Services to act as an official referral partner for the Aiimi Insight Engine – an AI-powered software platform equipped with a search and discovery tool that enables users to quickly find the information they need, at the moment they need it, as well as locate compliance risks across their business.

The Aiimi Insight Engine comes equipped with a selection of out-of-the-box and bespoke solutions to discover, interconnect, and enrich all enterprise data and information, whether it is located on premises or in Cloud repositories. Bytes Software Services’ customers can now benefit from a lightning-fast search capability that finds and maximises value from their information assets, unlocking actionable data-driven insights swiftly and securely.

Richard Lewis, Channel Sales Director at Aiimi, explains: “Organisations are storing vast amounts of data and information across a hybrid spectrum of Cloud and on-premises platforms, bringing about an ever-increasing demand for secure and affordable data privacy and compliance solutions. In particular, the Aiimi Insight Engine’s ability to crawl, index, classify, and enrich content stored in Azure Files is a real differentiator versus other products on the market.”

The platform’s Data Privacy & Compliance solution also provides a comprehensive picture of all the potential risks across an organisation’s data universe, alerting users to potential regulatory and compliance issues. This enables users to manage and protect sensitive, personal, and even hidden dark data that exists in their information assets, including PII, PCI, and IP. Always-on compliance and redaction technologies further empower personal data discovery, mitigating action, audits, and DSAR responses.

The Aiimi Insight Engine and its complete end-to-end solutions will enable Bytes Software Services’ customers to harness previously undiscoverable insights and deliver more agile and transformative data-driven decisions to solve their biggest business challenges – search and discovery, migration, data science, data privacy, and compliance – with a more competitive edge. They will also benefit from being able to respond to the rising challenges of privacy and compliance, no matter where their data resides, whilst counteracting the growing threat of potential data breach and cybercrime.

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