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ASKfm launched its own artificial intelligence engine and instantly increased user engagement by 20% to 50%.

Have you ever wondered how important it is to ask the right question? A good question can help you gain the knowledge you need or connect you with interesting people and even make friends. This is the goal of the ASKfm social network – it connects people through their questions. Sounds simple, right?

By sending a question to many people around him, the user expects to get different opinions, make acquaintances or find out the answer to a question that cannot be found in Wikipedia.

Previously, the shoutout (mass question) was sent to a group of random users around the author.

Now AI takes into account the size of the country in which the message is sent, analyzes the time of day and the number of questions that people around the author are sending at this minute.

We want to make the communication of users more interesting and connect those who have common topics for communication. It is always valuable to get advice or opinion from a person who understands the subject. This is what we want to achieve by sending a question not to random people, but to those who are more likely to answer it! ” – Tomas Jundo, Head of Product at ASKfm.

A smart engine delivers only the questions that are interesting to users. In addition, questions are primarily delivered to those users who are online right now to provide the fastest answers.

The first test results showed the growth of user engagement in different locations from 20 to 50% and they continue to grow in parallel with the training of AI and its improvement.