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Broxap deploys new digital asset management tech to build commercial efficiency

British street furniture manufacturer, Broxap, has introduced new technology to help it showcase its products, enable resellers and drive sales performance.

The Staffordshire company is using a Canto digital asset management (DAM) library to centralise digital assets, so sales, marketing and purchasing teams, as well as partner resellers, can easily access thousands of product images and supporting files.

DAM provides a simple workflow and can be used on desktop and mobile. It makes it straightforward for team members and external parties to upload, search and more easily share content.

The innovative, technology-focused family business has grown to seven divisions so being able to quickly locate images, often without knowing the exact name of the file, is vital. The Broxap team adds simple tags to images in their Canto library, which makes it easy to search by product name, type, location, SKU, and more.

Enabling sales with an image library

Salespeople can now run broad or specific searches for the images they need. Having a huge product photo archive available to the sales team is creating a competitive advantage for Broxap; competitors often rely on CGI and 3D models and can’t show the product in-situ.

Michael Moreton, IT Manager at Broxap, said: “With Canto, we can empower our teams across the business, and external partners, to easily find the product content they need. With easy access to imagery of a finished product installed in a certain location, we’re showing that we’ve manufactured it before and can deliver quality.

“Having a central place to source, share, edit and download digital content is much more efficient. It’s helping achieve brand consistency throughout the business – our salespeople can find the latest versions of branded assets and the marketing team can be confident about what’s being used.”

Bringing out the best photography

Canto’s ‘Portals’ feature allows Broxap to create dedicated spaces for external partners to upload and download content securely and quickly.

For example, Broxap invests in photography to showcase products in real-life settings. Each freelance photographer they work with has access to their own Portal, to upload photos straight into the Canto library for the marketing team to tag. This boosts consistency in the way content is created, and averts time-intensive uploading, downloading and repeat saving.

Broxap is also using Portals to provide secure access to third-party resellers of their outdoor gym equipment with a branded asset database.

“Our marketing and sales teams can both work more efficiently because of the features in Canto that go far beyond cloud storage,” added Michael. “Canto allows us to share images without the use of other third-party applications such as Dropbox or WeTransfer. Having the ability to send a link to an image to a colleague or external partner has made the process much more streamlined. Combined with the easy-to-use filing system with meta tags, Canto saves time.”