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Lucid Launches Cloud Visualisation Solution Lucidscale, Expanding its Visual Collaboration Suite

Lucid, the leading provider of visual collaboration software, today announced the addition of a third product built on its Visual Collaboration Platform with the release of Lucidscale, a cloud visualisation solution where organisations can see, understand and optimise their cloud environment.

Lucidscale automatically generates accurate, dynamic cloud visualisations, significantly reducing the time and resources traditionally needed for cloud documentation and understanding. These automated diagrams allow teams to more quickly and effectively design, build, deploy and troubleshoot cloud environments for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Lucidscale enables users to document plans, verify implementation and communicate crucial information clearly across both technical and non-technical teams, helping organisations to stay on top of compliance, security and internal best practices, and to maintain consistency across the business.

“Now more than ever, businesses need clear visibility into their complex and ever-changing cloud environments in order to adapt quickly, plan and scale. Teams also require new levels of technical alignment and understanding across a variety of stakeholders,” said Karl Sun, co-founder and CEO at Lucid. “Lucidscale enables both technical and non-technical users to make better cloud decisions and understand and optimise their cloud environments. We’re thrilled to bring this critical solution to our Visual Collaboration Suite as we continue to help teams of all kinds see and build the future.”

With Lucidscale, teams are able to more effectively:

• AUTOMATE: Easily automate and reference cloud documentation for sharing internally and externally with third parties. Automatically generated diagrams reduce the time, costs and inaccuracies that occur when similar diagrams are attempted by hand. Cloud visualisation in Lucidscale happens as fast as the cloud changes.

• UNDERSTAND: Visualise the hundreds and thousands of components that make up a cloud environment. Lucidscale helps organisations understand the current state of their cloud architecture, so that they can more effectively create future state plans. Having a clear picture helps teams understand how an outage occurred, look for areas to optimise, explain cloud infrastructure to non-technical users, eliminate unnecessary risk and prevent potential costs to the organisation.

• VERIFY: Verify that cloud migrations and implementations are done correctly. Cloud implementation mistakes can be costly, from downtime to missed deadlines, and can harm compliance efforts. With accurate cloud visuals, teams can more easily verify alignment between what was planned and what actually exists in the cloud environment.

Lucidscale is built on Lucid’s Visual Collaboration Platform, bringing ten years of proven data and security capabilities to the cloud visualisation space. As part of the Lucid Visual Collaboration Suite, Lucidscale joins Lucidchart, an intelligent diagramming application, and Lucidspark, a virtual whiteboard application, in enabling teams to collaborate and communicate clearly about the most complex topics, no matter where teams are located.

Learn more about the Lucid Visual Collaboration Suite here. To get started using Lucidscale, visit