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Onvi Enables Analytics to Power Data-Driven Decisions for Hospitality Operators

Onvi, the Order & Pay platform for hospitality, gives operators the power to make data-driven decisions with the roll-out of its latest Analytics tool.

The best-in-class analytics capabilities gives operators instant access to the data needed to understand key sales and revenue drivers. Operators will now be able to track sales and review performance against historical trends; identify categories or items within their menus that have a real impact on revenue, and monitor peak trading times to optimise resource scheduling – all within a live dashboard. This means being able to drill down into the performance of particular menu items and categories at a glance, without having to wait to download unnecessary and overcomplicated reports.

Raoul Bostrom, Chief Product Officer at Onvi, explains, “Understanding factors which impact revenue generation and capitalising the behavioural trends of customers is key to making solid business decisions. We believe every operator should have this level of detail to be able to better understand their trading patterns and sales performance. This is why we have introduced Analytics, at no additional cost, to bring operators closer to their data in a simple, easy to consume way. We’ve spent a lot of time and energy in engineering a highly intuitive, visually appealing dashboard so at a glance, you will be able to quickly see daily sales performance, which items are selling well, how busy you are during certain times of the day and more.”

The Analytics dashboard will sit on the front page of Onvi Control, the powerful back-end software solution that allows operators to set up digital menus easily, process orders, create promotions, and now give greater insights into business performance.

“Our goal at Onvi is to provide a high-functioning, enterprise-grade sales platform that is affordable and easy-to-use so that every bar, pub and restaurant owner can run their business with the same level of data-driven decisions as the largest global chains.”

Analytics is the latest in a series of Onvi product updates – including Pronto PickUp, Promotions and the Capacity Management feature – all engineered to give control back into the hands of hospitality operators, especially as the operating environment remains uncertain with ongoing staff shortages and supply chain issues.

Raoul concludes: “We will continue to add to our analytics functionality and evolve our technology offerings to provide operators with the tools to connect and serve their customers; streamline operations to improve resource efficiencies; and ultimately, increase sales and reduce costs”.