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syncreon Slashes $500,000 Over Three Years with Commvault Data Protection Solutions

Commvault (NASDAQ: CVLT), a recognised global enterprise software leader in the management of data across cloud and on-premises environments, has announced that syncreon, global supply chain solution provider, has saved $500,000 over three years by switching to Commvault Complete™️Data Protection across four data centres. syncreon chose Commvault for centralisation purposes across the USA and Ireland, allowing all its devices to sit under one backup solution, which subsequently lowered its storage costs and increased efficiency.

syncreon provides tailored, progressive, and scalable supply chain solutions to premier automotive and technology brands around the world. As a leading global supply chain provider, data is critical for syncreon to ensure a smooth and efficient operation for warehouses and transportation management. With massive data volumes and multiple data centre locations, an effective backup solution was needed to ensure data availability.

Through multiple acquisitions, syncreon was left with six different backup solutions, each with its own licensing method—such as charging per CPU or data storage in the cloud, so it was difficult to manage and predict licensing costs.

Centralising the overall administration of licensing with Commvault Complete™Data Protection empowered syncreon to easily plan its IT budget based on per operating instances, such as by virtual server or by virtual machine, and save significant costs.

John Gallagher, Senior Manager, Global IT, Enterprise Systems and Cloud at syncreon, comments: “We were up for $200,000 in lease buy out and support renewal costs with Rubrik in our Las Vegas data centre. On top of this was another $300,000 if we decided to roll out the same solution to the Dublin data centre. By deploying Commvault, we avoided shelling out almost $500,000 over three years in licensing, lease buyouts on aging hardware, and new hardware costs and gained a predictable and flexible licensing model.”

In the past, syncreon backed up the data locally and sent the archived data to Amazon S3 for storage. With the data volume reaching almost 1PB, this approach was not cost effective. syncreon took the approach to purchase additional storage servers to keep a local copy on site for two weeks and send the secondary copy to the data centres.

Gallagher explains: “By leveraging Commvault to easily move the data back to the data centres, we have avoided paying up to $24,000 cloud storage costs per year to just $80,000 of storage hardware. Commvault can actually do application-aware backups for all the four databases rather than having administrators manage those backups separately. Thanks to Commvault, we can easily run a backup report for a particular site or customer via a single console instead of logging into different systems. It simplifies the process to meet our compliance needs.”

Mark Jow, EMEA Vice President of Sales Engineering at Commvault, says: “We are delighted to support syncreon with its data storage and protection. As a global leader with 14,000 employees in over 100 locations, it is essential that syncreon’s petabyte of data is secure and easy to manage. Commvault Complete™️Data Protection has not only been of huge financial benefit for syncreon, but centralising its data under our system allows syncreon to easily access and manage its data with the peace of mind that it is well-protected.”

Gallagher adds: “We’ve grown through mergers and acquisitions so every company that joined with syncreon would often come with their own set of monitoring tools, their set of backup tools and assets of data. So we have basically centralised all of those environments from a monitoring standpoint, a data standpoint and from a backup standpoint so that all of our backups now are centralised into Commvault.”

Commvault also has a centralised support team to manage all backups, including laptops and servers.

The consolidation eliminated the need for syncreon’s IT team to transport tapes to another site on a weekly basis, helping free up resources within the team and allocate them to more business-driven projects.

Gallagher concludes: “By centralising the backups for all servers and endpoint devices globally with Commvault, we now have greater visibility of our overall data protection process and have improved team productivity.”