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Accurate product information on webstores ‘essential’ to building trust with B2B buyers

Real-time product information on supplier webstores is crucial to instil customer trust, new research has found. Accuracy of stock (53%), accuracy of pricing (45%), and accuracy of delivery (45%) were identified as the most important online shopping functions by B2B buyers. Meanwhile, lack of product detail (36%) was identified as the top reason that would cause B2B buyers not to trust a supplier’s online offering.

The survey of 200 UK B2B buyers, conducted by Sapio Research on behalf of Sana Commerce, was used to build the index, which ranks ten trust factors in order of importance according to responses.

The index identifies simple and easy B2B webstore use as the other ‘essential’ trust indicator, and ease of asking questions, recognisable payment providers, social proof and reference cases, and pleasing design as ‘should have’ features and functions. Personalisation and explainer videos came in places nine and 10 respectively in the ‘recommended’ category.

Commenting on the findings, Michiel Schipperus, CEO at Sana Commerce said, “Trust is an essential factor in purchasing decisions, and as the B2B e-commerce space has become more crowded than ever, suppliers need to set themselves apart from competitors to win customer trust and business. We commissioned this research to help customer-first suppliers to build their e-commerce roadmap with trust at the heart.

“What’s more, the features and functions listed are not hard to implement or build up overtime. Accuracy and reliability are clearly crucial factors for B2B buyer trust, so suppliers need to ensure that the necessary information is being displayed and updated in real-time on their websites.”