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Leaseweb Global Adds Google Cloud Capabilities to Leaseweb Cloud Connect

Expansion will provide fast, secure connections to Google Cloud and AWS from selected Leaseweb data centres, now including FRA-10 data centre in Frankfurt.

Leaseweb Global, a leading hosting and cloud services provider, today announced it has expanded its Leaseweb Cloud Connect solution to provide fast, secure connections to Google Cloud from selected Leaseweb data centres in Europe, the U.S., and Singapore. Leaseweb Global has also added its FRA-10 data centre in Frankfurt to its fleet with Leaseweb Cloud Connect capabilities.

The news comes after the company initially announced Leaseweb Cloud Connect for AWS with a roadmap for adding more public cloud providers late last year. Leaseweb Cloud Connect gives customers the flexibility to bypass the Internet and securely connect Leaseweb infrastructure to either Google Cloud or AWS. Customers are able to select different connectivity speeds between 100 mbps and 10 Gbps, depending on individual budget and project requirements.

Adding Google Cloud will equip organisations with an elegant, tailored and cost-effective solution to address the lack of customisation that many businesses experience when they decide to scale their infrastructure, services, applications, and data within a public cloud environment.

The hybrid cloud infrastructure market is expected to hit $128.01 billion by 2025. Organisations looking to reap the benefits of both private and public infrastructure services securely can benefit from Leaseweb Cloud Connect.

“The pandemic has greatly increased the amount of data organisations are handling to conduct day-to-day business operations. Early adopters of Hyperscaler solutions are increasingly looking to balance workloads between private and public infrastructure to scale their business without compromising data,” said Nikolaos Kolestsas, product manager, Leaseweb Global. “The new update provides fast and secure connections to both Google Cloud and AWS allowing businesses to use a public cloud for development, PaaS functions, one-off workloads, and big data platforms and Leaseweb’s infrastructure for business-critical applications and associated data or specific production environments.”

Leaseweb Cloud Connect is suited to all organisations but offers particular benefits to start-ups and SMBs in the Adtech, Martech, Gaming, and SaaS sectors that are using public cloud providers but are seeking to scale their business—not their costs.