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Top 9 Video Editing Tools for Marketing Teams

Quality video content is a hot trend in marketing. It is the perfect channel for connecting your audiences to your story and creating a connection through an emotional experience. From the Best Video Volume Boosters to the top editing tools,  marketing teams are always looking for the latest video software to use.

As per Cisco, 82 percent of all internet traffic will be video by 2022. The numbers don’t lie — video is an essential part of both marketing and communication today. Therefore, more and more teams within companies are looking for tools that will help them edit their video content. 

If you’re looking for a video editing tool to help you and your team get started, we’ve compiled a list of the best video editing tools for you.

  1. iMovie

This is the most basic of video editing tools. iMovie is a great option if you’re looking to make simple edits on your Mac since it’s free and easy to use. While it may not boast some of its competitors’ features, the video software allows users to quickly edit their videos and share them on YouTube for free without any additional post-production work. It also integrates well with other Apple products like iCloud and AirDrop, making sharing a breeze. With iMovie’s simple interface, creating professional videos can be done with just drag-and-drop functionality.

  1. Cyberlink

This video editor is designed for beginners, but it’s also great for pro-level users to master quickly. The simple interface makes learning easy, while the advanced features make it a powerful editing tool. Some of its best features are its ability to work with multiple formats and export videos in different resolutions at once, as well as its built-in text animation feature that allows you to add animated captions to your movies.

Cyberlink lets you organize all of your media files in one place, making collaboration easier because everyone can access the latest versions. You can create boards with lists of videos or images related to specific projects, so team members always have quick access when they need it.

  1. VideoStudio Pro

The number of tools available on VideoStudio Pro means it can be useful for beginners and sophisticated enough for advanced editors who want more control over their videos. Some of its features include slow-motion capture, special effects, picture-in-picture mode, and time remapping. Both options are completely free if you need something basic with limited features or want a highly customizable video editor!

4. Premiere  Pro

Premiere  Pro is a video software made by Adobe, and it’s one of the best tools for marketing teams. It offers the most comprehensive set of functionalities when it comes to creating high-quality videos in minutes, allowing you to add text, images, audio, and even pre-existing videos into your creations.

You can also start with a template that allows users to create amazing video ads without spending too much time on editing. However, Premiere  Pro still requires some learning curve before marketers can master all its features.

5. Final Cut Pro

The professional video editing program Final Cut Pro by Apple is packed with features, including creating standard definition and high definition video files. The software comes loaded with new tools that allow users to edit long-form projects efficiently. Users can cut clips faster thanks to expanded clip speed options, while cleaner playback means more accurate cuts.

6. Promo

Promo Video Editing App comes with features that allow marketers to edit their videos, create video presentations or slideshows, add various special effects, transitions, titles, and background music. Promo Video Editing App also allows you to change the colors of different layers in the final output. This app has exciting features like green screen technology, allowing users to place themselves on any background they want. You can use this feature for product reviews or tutorial videos.

Promo is a tool that allows you to generate high-quality videos, text boxes, and more for promoting your brand. You can also share music with the background to make it engaging before posting directly on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook! The Promo team offers two months of free service to create content using their templates- after which they charge $49/month as a subscription rate.

7. Magisto

Magisto is a new and innovative social media video creator. It allows users to storyboard their videos, access iStock photos, choose layouts that work best for them, and add background audio with the smart video editor. You can make sure your final product always has engaging content which can convert an audience on any platform they are using!

8. Biteable

Biteable is a tool that can be used to create bite-sized videos in just minutes. You have the option of using templates or creating your content from scratch, with stock video clips available for placement behind you while filming and animated text options that allow users to share messages more easily than ever before! A style guide also helps keep fonts consistent throughout all videos created on this platform.

9. InVideo

InVideo offers an array of different social media video sizes, from stories to landscapes and squares. From bite-sized ads to testimonials in the form of short videos or animations on your canvas, InVideo allows you to create engaging content for all platforms with their customizable templates that can be used again until they are perfected!


Digital marketing has changed the way small businesses work. It requires an understanding of how people behave online and what they like to see when engaging with a brand or product. Apart from selecting efficient marketers and the best video software, the journey is not just about making polished videos; it’s also about knowing how to use your tools to create content that connects emotionally with customers on a deeper level. We hope this list of the nine best video editing software for marketing teams helped make an informed, data-based choice for your next project.

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