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Blockchain-powered commercial office space marketplace and transaction platform launches in the UK

ShareSpace, the pioneer in blockchain-based commercial leasing, has officially launched in the UK. 

Founded in 2017, the start-up pushed boundaries when it conducted the first office rental transaction using blockchain technology in Poland.

The digital platform offers potential tenants of any size and industry a seamless, paperless office lease experience. 

Clients can search and compare coworking office spaces, schedule virtual or physical viewings, negotiate rental prices, and sign lease agreements online.

This year, the company launched the ShareSpace On-Demand mobile app. It allows users to book desks and meeting rooms within seconds.

Lorenzo Pugi, UK Regional Manager at ShareSpace, believes that there’s a huge shift in office space leasing and that it’s been fast-tracked by the pandemic.

He comments: “ShareSpace is well-placed to offer a bespoke 360° consultancy service, from start-ups looking for a desk or two to large corporates needing accommodation for over 300 employees.”

ShareSpace has helped the likes of Uber, American Express and TNT find suitable offices.

It is the first and only end-to-end marketplace that connects businesses with traditional and flexible workspace providers.

The platform’s search engine has huge benefits for users, providing access to top-notch listings, real-time pricing and availability, and a free advisory service for tenants with more complex demands. Market analyses and insights can be provided when needed, too.

Offering quick turnaround times for transactions and unparalleled transparency, ShareSpace allows parties to negotiate confidently, make fast decisions and conclude deals within days. The use of blockchain ensures an overall safe and secure online process.

“We foresee the traditional desk per person being scaled down further or becoming obsolete due to rapid digitization and working from home. Therefore, companies are looking for more flexibility where they can lease what’s needed for shorter periods, when needed,” adds Pugi

“Our vision is to help our clients find offices anywhere in the world, going beyond Poland and Hungary. We’re on a mission to expand ShareSpace across Europe, focusing on Germany and the UK. Part of our five-year plan is to be a pan-European company and enter the core U.S. markets like New York, Austin, and San Francisco,”

“We are here to disrupt the conservative real estate industry with digital technology.”