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LogicMonitor Announces Industry First Unlimited Log Data Retention Helping Customers Achieve Observability and Address Increasing Compliance and Forensics Needs

LogicMonitor, the leading SaaS-based multi-tenant infrastructure monitoring and observability platform for enterprises and managed service providers (MSPs), today directly addressed a longtime industry-wide pain point related to the high total cost of ownership for logs with the announcement of unlimited log data retention, an industry first, now available for LM Logs, the company’s SaaS-based log management solution.

With unlimited and hot log data retention in LM Logs, operations teams have instant access to all their log data with real-time anomaly detection, along with an industry-leading low total cost of ownership, saving both time and money. These capabilities go far beyond offerings from traditional vendors whose log storage options result in expensive fees, complex operations, and limited storage capabilities. With LM Logs™, now logs data can be available whenever customers need it through hot storage, with no need to wait for log rehydration, leading to faster troubleshooting and RCA (root cause analysis). Having log data easily accessible in the same place as metrics and traces makes achieving unified observability and gaining visibility into and predictability across the technologies that modern organizations depend on to deliver extraordinary employee and customer experiences easier than ever before.

“We listened to customers who have had to choose between addressing complex compliance and forensics challenges that require longer log retention and managing costs, and are pleased to offer a groundbreaking new logs cost structure,” said Tej Redkar, Chief Product Officer at LogicMonitor. “LM Logs is a key part of our unified observability platform, and with unlimited log retention, we’ve made it possible for customers to have the best of both worlds: unlimited, fast access to log data, better contextualization between infrastructure monitoring and logs, and lower more predictable costs to better manage IT budgets. Customers can drive down costs, and address compliance concerns, while freeing up to 40% of non-value adding engineering time with log anomalies that automatically surface with LogicMonitor’s machine learning technology.”

LM Logs: Centralized log and metric data in one platform

CD Baby, an online distributor of independent music who helps artists make their songs available on 150+ streaming and download services around the world including Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, Amazon, Pandora and YouTube, is a customer who is currently utilizing LogicMonitor’s LM Logs product.

“Through its robust AIOps and automation capabilities, LM Logs™ is able to pick up on tiny anomalies within our IT environments and inform us of them before they become widespread issues and outages,” says Mahir Hrustic, Manager of Systems Engineering at CD Baby. “Our organization views LogicMonitor as a key strategic partner in CD Baby’s IT transformation journey and we are excited to see this new development as they continue to innovate. LM Logs™ is immutable, scalable, and is able to correlate logs to alert to help us troubleshoot more efficiently, to the point where in a very short period of time, it has already become our single source of truth for troubleshooting.”

LM Logs provides tailored data retention options, ranging from 30 days to one year to unlimited, for companies of all sizes across all industries. With this announcement LogicMonitor has addressed a key pain point – budget predictability, with competitive pricing models designed to take the mystery out of the unknown, and often hidden, charges associated with cloud access and rehydration.

Features include:

  • Unlimited log retention makes more data available for troubleshooting, Business Intelligence, forensics, and regulatory needs.
  • 30 day, one year and unlimited data retention options, allowing flexibility to choose which storage option works best for unique business and compliance needs.
  • Unified logs and metrics give customers full visibility into their entire IT ecosystem with context and correlation, resulting in dramatically reduced MTTR and simplified IT workflows.
  • Patented algorithms intelligently analyze millions of log events and automatically highlight anomalous logs to help ITOps, CloudOps, and DevOps teams save time and uncover issues before they result in business impact.

“Fully-featured solutions that address log storage and analysis are the required foundation of customer observability and operation management hygiene, making it possible for ITOps and DevOps teams to successfully monitor complex, multi-cloud, and hybrid enterprise infrastructures at a global scale,” said Roy Illsley, Chief Analyst, IT Ecosystem & Operations, Omdia. “With audit compliance requirements increasing along with added forensic pressures from cyber incidents, IT and audit teams need to look beyond the most recent log activity to analyze longer-term log data. Until now, customers have faced slow data access from cold storage and an array of unpredictable and sometimes hidden cloud-related costs. Modern, best-in-class solutions must address these factors.”