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The importance of illustrating teamwork skills on your tech resume

Your resume will play a crucial part in getting the tech job that you want, illustrating to your employer what skills you have and why you are right for the role – however, to stand out from the crowd, it’s important to go beyond your tech background and show your employer that you have soft skills, too, most importantly good communication skills and the ability to  work well as part of a team.

Your resume will obviously need to contain contact information, academic and professional experience, too – however having soft skills and leadership skills will make you a really attractive candidate and you can help employers see this by including it on your resume.


Why are skills soft important for tech employees?

Tech has a somewhat unfair perception of being an unsociable, nerdy bunch of people that employers hide away in a dingy corner of the office.

‘The IT Crowd’ is far from real life and tech is about far more than ‘turning it off and on again’.  Anyone who has worked in tech support will tell you that communication skills are essential to helping users understand and adopt the advice that you give them.

Being a team player is really important because while you may perform a specialised role, these days multiple tech and non-tech roles often need to collaborate.

In a modern, low code world, a development team will include collaborating with and managing citizen developers, and often the more qualified and experienced software developers will be heading up a team and pulling it all together.  The ability to communicate at all levels, from the junior citizen developer, to selling your team’s ideas to the boardroom will give you a distinctive advantage – therefore using your resume to show off your excellent communications and teamwork skills is the best place to start.


What are team-building skills?

Click here to learn more about team-building skills – here’s just some of the ways you can show them on your resume:



Any role in the tech industry is likely to require excellent communication abilities, so ensure that your resume is well written and show examples of your ability to communicate at all levels, with co-workers and customers

Effective communication skills help develop the client-company relationship. They can also help with problem resolution if one arises. A person with good communication skills might be a better leader and contribute more to the company’s overall work and goals.


Hard work

A strong work ethic and dedication to your role is important whether you are a team member or a leader. This shows a potential employer that you will take your job seriously and that you don’t treat it lightly. A reputation for hard work and honesty will ensure you are viewed as a trustworthy employee, so illustrating this on your resume will boost your chances of being hired.


Crisis Management

There is always the possibility of a crisis in any corporation or team. For example, employees may be absent, clients may reject ideas, or the project may not move effectively. Having crisis management listed as a skill on your resume will definitely give you an advantage when the hiring team are considering who to interview.


Cooperation and coordination

Nothing screams teamwork more than cooperation and coordination skills. Both of these are essential to carry a team forward. Being cooperative is essential since it avoids any fallouts or fights between the teams. Being cooperative also keeps the team spirits high, and it avoids making the decision biased or one-sided. The cooperation ensures that everyone in the team understands and gets each other.

Coordination also becomes very important since it is impossible to be a part of a team without any coordination. Teamwork can only happen because of coordination and cooperation amongst the team members. Being a cooperative and easy person makes it easier for the team to work with you.

The hiring team will often regard the prospect as someone who will cooperate and coordinate well with their coworkers if they work in a team. Being a bad team member can make a project’s smooth flow and plan difficult. Including collaborative skills in your resume will help you appear more promising to the hiring committee.



These are some of the skills you should mention as teamwork skills. These are all highly important to make a good impression in front of the hiring team. These skills convey that you are an excellent team player and that employers can rely on you for any team-related work.