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A Perfect Zendesk CRM: Does it Exist?

Customer Relationship Management system or simply CRM is a vital tool for any business today. It helps organize the communication with your leads and customers, betters your customer retention, and increases sales.

Zendesk CRM brings together your sales, marketing, and service teams to increase their productivity and performance. It also helps improve their collaboration and business relationships and brings value to each of your business departments:


  • Sales reps can easily create pipelines and fully automate their working processes.
  • The marketing department can use a CRM system to create email campaigns and send bulk marketing emails. Besides, they can easily manage their advertising campaign and thus attract more leads.
  • The support team can use the CRM system to track customers’ interactions and keep in touch with prospects via emails or live chat. They can also automate their routine tasks so that they can focus on more important tasks that bring real value to the business.
  • CEOs and business executives can take advantage of a CRM system, too. They can create an ideally structured system to monitor everything in the company — from contacts and analytics to the team’s performance. A good CRM system can provide business leaders with all the data to control their staff and improve business performance.

8 Benefits of CRM System for Your Business

The CRM system provides numerous benefits to any business. Among them are:


1. Improved customer service

PwC consulting company reported in their survey that 73% of respondents 15,000 consumers from 12 countries) indicated customer experience to be the crucial factor in their purchasing decision.

The CRM system is aimed to improve company-customer relationships. It allows you to manage all your prospects and leads and collect important customer data, namely buying records and conversations across all the channels you use. It also ensures that your teams have all the data they need to provide a better customer experience and boost customer satisfaction.


2. Increased sales

The CRM tool can help you streamline and automate all your sales processes, create a sales pipeline, and analyze your sales data. All these can help you increase sales and productivity as well as create a reliable sales process.


3. Improved retention rate

Successful interactions are not enough today. Your aim is customer loyalty. The CRM system can provide you with the vital data you can use to retain your customers and encourage them to repeat purchases. Namely, data like automated ticketing and customer support, buyer history, behavior tracking, etc. will always be by your side.


4. Better productivity and performance

The CRM software helps free up your employees from routine tasks by automating all the important working processes. It also ensures that no task slips through the cracks and everything is done correctly.


5. One database for everything

CRM system creates a single database with all the data about your customers so that any person from your company can access it. This feature is very important for sales reps who must know your customers’ interests and other crucial info like the back of their hands. CRM stores the data about all the previous customer’s interactions with the company, which is very important for the company’s marketing campaign.


6. Easily managed communication

A good CRM system can facilitate the lead nurturing process. It can also automatically notify your employees when to reach a prospect and track each phone or email interaction.


7. Automated reporting system

You can easily collect and analyze the data about your prospects using the CRM’s dashboard and reporting system. Furthermore, the CRM system helps your employees track their own performance, goals, and project progress.


8. Better internal communication

The CRM system doesn’t only facilitate business-customer relationships. It also makes it easier to communicate within the company. Your employees can see how others are speaking to the customers, which helps in maintaining a unified brand voice. Employees can also send notifications, alerts, emails and messages, tag each other on different projects, and all these in one system.


CRM and Deals for Zendesk by Growthdot

GrowthDot company does know that providing personalized experience is critical in today’s world as it helps increase your sales and retain your client base. That is why, with years of hands-on experience in creating software for Zendesk, Growthdot decided to build a reliable system to meet all the business needs at a very budget-friendly price. An application that you can simply add to your Zendesk and manage all the types of business relationships you need. And this application is called CRM and Deals for Zendesk.

CRM and Deals for Zendesk is a feature-rich CRM system that is aimed to solve multiple business challenges. It allows you to:

  • Track and manage the entire sales funnel from one place
  • See and analyze the performance of your marketing, sales, and support department through detailed reports
  • Set goals for any process in your business workflow, even the tiniest one
  • Compare the actual results of your marketing, sales, and support department with the goals you set
  • Analyze the quality of your sales with the help of numerous reports and statistics
  • Plan your sales strategy using a sales forecasting tool. This tool analyzes all your open and closed deals, agents’ actions, and customers’ answers. Doing so finds the patterns that work better in each situation and gives you recommendations for further actions. A sales forecasting tool will help you determine the optimal steps you need to take to move your deal to the next stage of the funnel, how to close it faster and better.


Wrapping Up

CRM and Deals for Zendesk is an optimal CRM system that helps effortlessly and smoothly manage your customer relationships and levels up your sales. It also speeds up the company’s everyday operations for the whole team. Still hesitate? Try this Zendesk CRM app for free.