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Digitopia Invests in Product Development Following 100% Growth in 2021

Digitopia, the leading digital maturity consultancy, headquartered in the UK, has today announced that it has doubled its value in only 10 months. Following a strong period of growth that has seen the organisation expand into the Asia Pacific region, Cypriot entrepreneur Ahmet Bilgen – Digitopia’s angel investor in early 2021 – has now doubled his initial investment in the company. The funding will be used for two primary purposes: global expansion and product development.

As the world continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, more organisations are beginning to realise the importance of digital transformation. Digitopia’s key solution, the Digital Maturity Index, enables businesses to accurately measure and benchmark their digital progress.

Following Bilgen’s investment, Digitopia is doubling down on its product roadmap. Digitopia’s long-term goal is to change how consulting is delivered by digitally transforming its current services into products that can be purchased directly from customers. Digitopia is committed to introducing more functionality to the Digital Maturity Index, and plans to significantly grow its product development team in order to achieve this.

While expansion into new markets remains a key goal for Digitopia, it has also strengthened its presence in the UK, where the company is headquartered. Digitopia recently announced the appointment of former Gartner consultant, Nishant Kinra as Head of Business Development for Channels and Partners. It has also hired consultant Ben Johnson, a recent Cardiff MBA graduate, and plans to continue growing the UK team.

Commenting on Digitopia’s latest funding round, Halil Aksu, CEO and co-founder of Digitopia, said: “Digitopia’s growth over the past year is testament to the growing need to measure digital maturity, and the amount of hard work and energy that the team has put in to address that need. We are determined to transform how consulting is delivered, and Ahmet’s decision to double his initial investment shows just how promising the future looks for Digitopia. We are proud of the company’s development over the past year and are excited to continue expanding into new markets and further strengthening our product.”