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Introducing TomTom IndiGO: The world’s first open digital cockpit software platform for carmakers

TomTom, the geolocation technology specialist, has unveiled TomTom IndiGO, the world’s first open digital cockpit software platform for carmakers. TomTom IndiGO brings users’ digital lives and access to car functions seamlessly and safely into the in-dash experience.

The platform expertly unifies all passenger and driver displays through a common user interface that gives access to climate control, the audio system, extensive vehicle systems settings, and the latest apps and services. IndiGO is operated through voice and touch – including steering wheel controls. IndiGO’s online connectivity, deep integration with the vehicle system, its attention to the driver’s situation and environment, enable a uniquely safe and intuitive user experience that keeps getting better over time.

“We have learned over the years that software development for vehicles can be slow and expensive for carmakers – TomTom IndiGO is the perfect answer to our customers’ needs. With IndiGO, we give carmakers a powerful, flexible, and cost-effective development environment to create class-leading digital experiences that will take a fraction of the time and the usual cost,” said Harold Goddijn, CEO at TomTom. “The innovative TomTom IndiGO is the way forward. It provides a platform for carmakers to deploy modern software development principles like rapid prototyping, fast deployment and incremental improvements,” he continued. “With TomTom IndiGO, carmakers and their software partners have a framework for efficient collaboration, continuous integration and incremental improvement. Thanks to online connectivity, and an open and ever-growing ecosystem of app developers and service providers, TomTom IndiGO will only get better over time.”

Designed to delight drivers and passengers

TomTom IndiGO offers a holistic user experience, performing as an extension of the driver’s digital life. The new digital cockpit platform recognizes the driver’s profile automatically from their phone, personalizing the driver menu with their preferences, apps, and syncing the driver’s calendar to guide them effortlessly to their next appointment.

IndiGO spans all in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) displays and offers a boundless app store from specialist partners that will delight users. Thanks to IndiGO’s awareness and consideration of external factors, drivers and passengers will be able to message friends, enjoy wide-ranging entertainment and use leading productivity applications to get work done, in safe conditions.

With TomTom IndiGO, it’s easy for drivers to extend their connected experience with their vehicle from afar. The software platform makes it easy for customer companion apps to connect, and prepare for their next trip, for example, by presetting the heating on a cold day or by checking on the vehicle’s charging status.

The platform integrates with TomTom’s new Navigation for Automotive and Electric Vehicle (EV) technology suite. Drivers will enjoy cloud-native hybrid navigation able to take advantage of super-fast and up-to-date routing, search, and fresh maps, as well as precise range and routing information for EVs.

Drivers and passengers’ safety and comfort were a focus area in the development of TomTom IndiGO. Unlike other digital cockpit platforms, IndiGO integrates with in-vehicle systems, including vehicle sensors, enabling it to display reliable practical information linked to advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), compute more accurate EV range estimates, and pre-condition EV batteries for faster charging.

TomTom IndiGO heralds a new age of software and IVI development

TomTom IndiGO is a foundation for carmakers to create immersive, branded experiences that will continue to surprise and delight drivers, at less risk, cost, and time-to-market than alternative solutions. IndiGO provides a framework for carmaker’s software engineers, user experience and brand teams, as well as software development partners to work together harmoniously.

IndiGO is delivered to carmakers ready to be deployed with a fully functioning user experience. By providing access to IndiGO’s source code, TomTom gives automotive customers full freedom to modify and extend the modular software platform.

The flexible platform, designed for different displays and hardware configurations, comes with a powerful set of development and customization tools, making it easy for auto manufacturers and industry suppliers to create custom-branded, non-distracting user interfaces.

Long before a car goes into production, the software will be run on standard hardware with simulated hardware interfaces, allowing the final product to be tested and tweaked before shipping. Through these pre-integrated, user tested modules and modern collaborative workflow principles, TomTom is able to drive efficient and predictable software development, targeting up to an 80% reduction in development costs for carmakers.

IndiGO runs on the popular Android Automotive Operating System (AAOS), making it easy for carmakers to develop and integrate new apps and services or extensions for the platform. Through online connectivity, the platform’s software, apps, services, and plugins can be updated and extended over-the-air. In other words, carmakers will be able to integrate new innovations continuously throughout the vehicle’s lifecycle and generate fresh revenue streams.

TomTom IndiGO is delivered through a flexible and scalable SDK and easy-to-use APIs, making it simple to tailor to different displays. The highly adaptable platform can work across multiple brands, car lines – entry, volume or premium – and vehicle types, anywhere in the world.

Supported by a growing community of global and local partners and app developers

TomTom IndiGO extends way beyond the restrictions of other digital cockpit software development platforms. It offers an open and secure space for anyone – carmakers, system integrators, software development companies and content providers – to share existing apps and build new ones that could change their business model.

TomTom’s open partner ecosystem creates opportunities for vendors to drive new revenue streams. TomTom makes it easy for developers to get started with IndiGO, assisting them with a helpful SDK that includes powerful APIs, supported documentation and code examples.