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Quantum introduces new virtual backup appliance to make it easier to download and use DXi deduplication technology

New solution delivers more efficient protection and storage of critical backup data, enables data protection across sites and between edge and core environments

Quantum Corporation (NASDAQ: QMCO) has announced a new virtual backup appliance, the DXi V5000, along with the DXi V5000 Community Edition making it easier to download and use Quantum DXi deduplication technology.  This new offering is ideally suited for data protection at remote sites, edge environments, and for small businesses looking to efficiently back up and protect their critical data.  Quantum is also introducing the DXi V5000 Community Edition, a free version of the DXi V5000 that scales to 5 TB in size. Users can download the Community Edition in minutes, use it immediately upon download and can later upgrade to the DXi V5000 by purchasing a DXi software subscription license.

“Our customers are looking for simpler ways to protect their data, especially protection at remote sites and at the edge,” says Bruno Hald, vice president and general manager, Secondary Storage for Quantum.  “The DXi V5000 addresses this challenge by taking Quantum DXi deduplication technology and packaging it as a simple to download and use virtual machine.  By introducing the Community Edition, we now can get this technology into the hands of as many users as possible so they can more efficiently backup and protect their critical data.”

About the DXi V5000 Virtual Backup Appliance

The DXi V5000 has the same features and capabilities of a physical DXi appliance, deployed as a virtual machine.  A common use case is using the DXi V5000 as a virtual backup appliance at a remote site, then replicating deduplicated data to a core data center so that organizations can protect their data across sites, and between edge and core. Feature highlights include:

  • The ability to deploy as a virtual machine on VMware, Hyper-V, or KVM environments, with support for major public cloud platforms coming in the first half of 2022.
  • Scalability from 5 to 256 Terabytes of useable capacity, with dynamic virtual RAM allocation
  • Quantum DXi variable-length deduplication to reduce backup data sets by 20:1 or more
  • Data replication between sites using DXi WAN-efficient replication.  WAN traffic is reduced by 20:1 or more since only deduplicated data is transferred.
  • Support for multiple protocols, including NAS, Veritas OST, and Veeam Data Mover Service (VDMS)
  • DXi Secure Snapshots for protection and immediate recovery from ransomware attacks
  • Easy to install and manage with a simple, intuitive user interface.

Introducing the DXi V5000 Community Edition

To make it easy to download and experience the DXi V5000, Quantum is introducing the DXi V5000 Community Edition. The Community Edition is a free-to-download version of the DXi V5000 that scales to 5 Terabytes of capacity.  With a 20:1 data reduction ratio, this means that users can protect up to 100 TB of data for free.

The Community Edition can be downloaded after filling out a simple online form. It is delivered as a virtual machine that can be installed in minutes, and users can begin to back up data almost immediately to see the power of the DXi deduplication.

For users that want to upgrade to a DXi V5000, they can purchase a DXi V5000 subscription software license in the Community Edition user interface. This is a key step in making Quantum software easier to download, use, and purchase– and in the future Quantum will be making this process even more seamless and frictionless, with a one-click ‘buy now’ option online.

The DXi V5000 and DXi V5000 Community Edition are available now, and the Community Edition can be downloaded at