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Incognia Partners with Outseer to Ensure Frictionless Mobile Experience

Mobile authentication pioneer Incognia, today announced its partnership with Outseer, the leader in payment authentication and account monitoring solutions. Incognia has joined Outseer Beyond, Outseer’s partner program for complementary providers of payments authentication and fraud prevention technologies. The partnership will benefit Outseer’s customers by enabling a frictionless consumer mobile experience, while also monitoring for fraud. 

According to eMarketer, in 2021 mobile will make up approximately 74% of all e-commerce sales, which are projected to reach almost $6 trillion by 2023. In that same year, e-commerce losses due to fraud could reach $33 billion, according to Nilson estimates. Incognia’s privacy-first behavior location technology complements Outseer’s fraud prevention solutions. The Zero Factor Authentication solution for mobile enables a frictionless user authentication experience, working silently in the background. Incognia’s privacy by design approach applies extended anonymization techniques to obscure and protect all data and ensure it is not linked with any personally identifiable information.

As the latest partner to join Outseer Beyond, Incognia’s first to market location behavior technology will work to passively authenticate mobile users. Through this partnership, Outseer and Incognia will work together to identify product integration, data synergy, and go-to-market strategies that accelerate partner revenue and deliver a more complete customer solution for mobile application users.

“Incognia shares our deep commitment to advanced security without consumer interference,” said Leah Evanski, Global Head of Business Development and Strategic Alliances at Outseer. “We are excited to include Incognia’s next generation location capabilities in Outseer Beyond, bringing new intelligence to our payments and risk platforms and new options for our customers.”

“Our modern mobile recognition signal and Zero Factor Authentication solution are a critical factor in delivering a seamless experience that cuts friction while ensuring the highest level of privacy for mobile app users,” said John Lindner, Chief Revenue Officer at Incognia. “Through our partnership with Outseer we will continue to drive our mission of delivering a frictionless and fraud free experience for our customers. We are proud to join Outseer Beyond and look forward to easing the authentication process for Outseer’s customers who generate over 20 billion annual transactions.”