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Another year for the history books for Code Ninjas

As 2021 draws to a close, children’s extracurricular providers all over the world prepare to enter the new year positively. And while society continues adjusting and acclimating to the pandemic t, opportunities for children to learn, play and develop their all-important soft skills are becoming readily available once more. The difficulties faced by the education industry throughout 2021 have certainly reflected the continued need for such services. Kids’ coding franchise, Code Ninjas, has demonstrated through its increasing demand and continued growth during the pandemic, how eager children have been to return to settings that allow them to flourish and develop these skills.

For the first time since it landed on UK shores in 2020, Code Ninjas has finally been able to go North! In line with the emerging demand in particular regions around the UK, Code Ninjas is proud to be opening its doors to more children across a diversity of areas – one such region being the Northwest, with a location soon to open in Hyde in Greater Manchester. North of the border, Code Ninjas has also welcomed its first Scottish franchisees to the network, having recently celebrated the grand opening of Code Ninjas Edinburgh, with Newton Mearns, Glasgow soon to be following.

Beyond the network expansion, Code Ninjas is constantly striving for innovative, progressive ways to streamline and develop. This year, Eagle Merchant Partners completed its acquisition of a majority stake in the franchise. This partnership will open more doors and provide the international network with more exciting opportunities, not only for growth, but also to help progress operations and provide kids with the best possible educational experiences.

This has allowed Code Ninjas to continue its ongoing commitment to achieving gender equality in tech and providing more opportunities to women. To bridge this imbalance of gender equality, leaders at Code Ninjas believe that a strong foundation and early adoption of technology will set the path for the future. While diversity is far more than gender, at Code Ninjas, the focus is on lifelong analytical and pattern skills through creative learning.

One of the latest additions to the UK support team is Polly Smalley, who is overseeing and assisting with UK operations as the network expansion continues. Polly believes that this is an exciting time for Code Ninjas and a perfect opportunity for women to become involved in the tech industry.

“I’m very proud to have been appointed as UK Director of Franchise Support at Code Ninjas,” said Polly, “It’s a really exciting time for the network, as the demand for children’s extracurricular activities is seeing a huge increase since schools have reopened and we’ve managed to return to some sort of normality!

“My position at Code Ninjas signifies the brand’s ongoing mission to not only achieve gender equality for women in tech, but to continue to inspire young girls around the world and to show them that tech, gaming, code and everything else that makes up our incredible industry aren’t binary.”

Justin Nihiser, CEO of Code Ninjas, is equally excited to be taking the continued successes of Code Ninjas into another year.

Justin explained, “By giving opportunities to people at every level of the business, whether it’s more kids who have a desire to explore their creativity through tech, or more women at management and senior positions, we are affirming our support of moving the industry forward. This aligns perfectly with our revised mission, of ‘a world where kids write the code.’ By showing more kids that anyone can be involved in the tech industry and encouraging them to explore their passions through a medium such as tech, kids are being given the opportunity to enjoy their development and find out who they are with no added pressures. That’s why Code Ninjas have been able to move forward and prevail in the face of the pandemic, as we care about our ninjas’ personal goals and passions.”

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