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Code Ninjas US-based executive team make long-awaited trip across the pond!

As the world continues to adapt to the challenges it has been facing for the last 18 months, Code Ninjas, the coding franchise for kids, has finally been able to enjoy a long-awaited opportunity to physically come together as an international network. Justin Nihiser, CEO of Code Ninjas, along with VP of Education, Grant Smith, and VP of Franchise Operations, John Kutac, travelled across the pond at the beginning of December to meet with many of their UK franchisees for the first time since Code Ninjas hit UK shores two and a half years ago.

The trip to the UK comes at a timely moment for Code Ninjas and its head office team. The kids coding franchise, that teaches kids between the ages of 5-14 about the world of technology and the doors that digital literacy can open, is currently seeing rapid global expansion and increasing demand. Kids develop teamwork skills, creativity and confidence as they learn vital life skills for the 21st century.

Justin saw the visit as a step forward for the brand’s international community and is more excited than ever to see what the future of Code Ninjas holds. “Our visit to the UK has certainly been a long time coming,” said Justin. “It was fantastic to see so many of our UK franchisees fully operational and delivering the Code Ninjas mission and services to such a high standard. We have finally been able to see first-hand that there are kids all over the UK being given the opportunity to learn about technology, robotics, STEM and more in a fun and safe environment which are fronted by passionate and creative entrepreneurs.

“Regardless of how far away the UK is from our head office in Texas, we have an international community who equally share our love and passion for technology. Using that same love to give as many kids as possible exciting and enriching opportunities throughout their development is a key element to the success of the Code Ninjas brand.”

Code Ninjas’ US team were shown around by their newly appointed UK regional support specialist, Polly Smalley. Polly’s appointment signifies the ambitions of the brand, as it continues to grow and open in more regions around the country.

Polly said, “Having just opened our first territories in Scotland and Greater Manchester, it was the perfect time for Justin and the team to visit. We’re so motivated as a brand and a network to continue giving more opportunities to more kids around the country as they catch up on lost learning and fun because of the pandemic. Code Ninjas doesn’t just teach kids vital life skills while supplementing their academics, but we also nurture their creativity and help them learn more about themselves as they grow up.”

For more information about Code Ninjas and how to join an evolving and successful franchise, visit the Code Ninjas website