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How to keep your phone functioning in cold temperatures

Temperatures in the UK have rapidly decreased to single figures, with snow covering parts of the nation in mid-November. Frosty weather conditions can often have a drastic effect on our tech, with some devices even shutting down in extreme temperatures.

With this in mind, Kyle Wilson, mobile expert at, has shared advice on keeping your phone functioning in the cold weather and what to do if it does shut down.

“Although most smartphones are designed to operate to zero degrees Celsius, many people experience their phone battery rapidly draining in low temperatures. This is because the cold weather causes the chemical reaction within the battery to slow down. Chilly weather can also affect LCD screens, while onboard sensors can lose accuracy.

“Fortunately, there are a few measures you can take to minimise this risk, so you can enjoy a brisk, winter walk without the fear of your phone shutting down.”


Change Your Phone Settings

Most smartphones now have a ‘low power mode’ which you can switch on to preserve battery life usually when you hit the 10-20% marker. Turning off location services and closing any unnecessary apps will stop your phone from trying to perform too many tasks at once, ultimately saving more battery.


Keep Your Phone Insulated

While you’re outside in the cold temperatures, keeping your phone in an insulated place will help keep the device warm and reduce battery drainage. Inside coat pockets are best, as they use body warmth for extra insulation. You can also invest in an insulated phone case if you regularly spend time in the cold outdoors.


Use Your Phone Sparingly

In any case, you’re best saving your phone battery for emergency use. Avoid scrolling through apps, streaming music, or using personal data as these typically burn the most battery life. Turn your phone off while you’re not using it, if you are conscious about how much battery you’re using.


How To Warm Your Phone Up

Once you’re out of the cold, you’re going to want to get your phone back to its usual function. Avoid putting your phone straight on charge, as this can permanently damage the battery. Instead, wait until your phone is back to its normal temperature.


Leaving your phone to warm up slowly is optimal, however, if you do need to use it more urgently, you can use your body heat to help warm up the device. You can also keep your phone near a warm surface, but not on or in anything hot such as the oven.


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