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Improvado joins MeasureMatch to drive customer success

San Francisco-Based Enterprise Data Platform Improvado Partners with MeasureMatch for Customer Success and Go-To-Market Growth
Improvado and MeasureMatch enter into a new partnership to extend Improvado’s customer success team to provide high-value, fully accountable professional services to customers, from strategic guidance to hands-on execution, all through verified service provider partners.
San Francisco-based Improvado has subscribed to the Partner Exchange, a SaaS-enabled service from MeasureMatch, known primarily for its professional services marketplace platform. The Partner Exchange solves for Improvado’s need to ensure its customers and partners have immediate access to high quality professional services with a focus on implementation, configuration, integration, data warehousing, data engineering, analytics and related.
Improvado’s data platform is a flexible, scalable SaaS solution for consolidating marketing and sales data quickly and easily. With over 300 integration partners, Improvado customers can load standardized data into data warehouses and dashboards, reducing the time spent on manual reporting by 80-100 hours a week. Similarly, the MeasureMatch Partner Exchange accelerates speed to value for Improvado customers through verified service provider partners.
“Our service provider partners are enormously important for both successful deployments and added value services that maximize customer success,” said Fabio Marastoni, Chief Strategy Officer at Improvado.
“Having our own Partner Marketplace in the MeasureMatch Partner Exchange uniquely enables us to grow, measure and better support the agencies, consultancies, systems integrators and independent consultants in our go-to-market ecosystem. When we or a customer needs a partner for services, not only can we find one fast, the end-to-end experience is seamless, data-driven and exceptional,” Marastoni added.
The MeasureMatch Partner Exchange includes the following solutions:
Partner Marketplaces
Branded environments to reach new customers, capture leads and feature verified service provider partners.
Buying Services
End-to-end workflow to augment existing consulting and customer success services capacity with access to top-tier services consultancies and consultants.
Providing Services
Customers are invited into the marketplace to submit services requirements and buy services from verified partners or from MeasureMatch’s general population of service providers. Includes closed loop performance reporting for Partner Exchange account referrers.
Partner acquisition services (scoped and priced separately).
Focused on scaling customer success with a limited in-house services function, Improvado is also using the MeasureMatch marketplace to activate specific systems and data specialists required as part of each new customer onboarding. For example, Improvado is currently working with a boutique consultancy to develop Tableau dashboards for a Fortune 500 organization.
Improvado joins nearly 100 other SaaS and enterprise software vendors participating in the Partner Exchange, including: Tealium, Flatly, Amplitude, Namogoo, Box, Authoritas, Quantum Metric, Heap, Panoply, AB Tasty and others.
Tim Shea, Founder & CEO of Los Angeles-based Latticework Insights, a data & analytics consultancy participating in the MeasureMatch marketplace, commented, “We’ve always felt a strong alignment with MeasureMatch. This marketplace gives our specialist data & analytics consultancy access to high value opportunities that align with our focus on enterprise ETL, data warehouse and data visualization services requirements, and creating value from technologies like Improvado’s.”
Laurence O’Toole, CEO, Authoritas, an SEO software company integrated with Improvado said, “We’re excited that Improvado has joined the MeasureMatch Partner Exchange. This makes it even easier for Improvado or Authoritas customers to find the very best service providers to help them integrate SEO data in their Improvado-driven dashboards. MeasureMatch’s marketplace showcases the talents and success stories of all of our approved service providers and is a seamless solution for when our customers need services.”
MeasureMatch Founder and CEO James Sandoval added, “Improvado’s adoption of the MeasureMatch marketplace through the Partner Exchange is part of a larger migration to platforms, marketplaces and ecosystems by both software vendors and their customers. 
In our case, the value centrally comes from the network effects and dynamism in our three-sided model, but especially from exceptional service provider partners, including boutique to mid-sized agencies, consultancies, systems integrators, plus a growing population of fully independent consultants across 60+ countries.
There are currently over 175,000 SaaS companies globally, according to Forrester’s Jay McBain, who also predicts there will be 1 million within the next decade. These products need services because customers just can’t keep up. Those services will increasingly be transacted through the MeasureMatch marketplace.”