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Nokia and Celonis to Create New Standards of Excellence Across Business Processes

Celonis, the global leader in execution management, and Nokia today announced a collaboration to develop and create new standards of excellence across multiple business processes.

As part of the collaboration, Nokia will leverage company-wide deployment of the Celonis® Execution Management SystemTM (EMS®). Nokia also plans to develop Execution Apps, and to make these publicly available on the Celonis EMS Store.

Marco Wirén, CFO at Nokia, commented: “With our partnership with Celonis, we are focusing on driving digital process transformation right across Nokia through continuous improvement. This includes enterprise-wide enhancements to automation levels, transparency, accountability, simplicity and cost-efficiency.”

Nokia first initiated a Celonis pilot program in November 2020 covering processes for Order to Invoice, Source to Pay and Accounts Payable. The initial value identified convinced Nokia to expand its use of Celonis across the company. In a company-wide rollout, Nokia is now implementing Celonis’ Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Order Management Execution Apps. These empower business users to apply data and intelligence to their processes without swapping out or changing underlying transaction systems.

Miguel Milano, Chief Revenue Officer and Co-Owner of Celonis, comments: “We intend to make Nokia a lighthouse Celonis EMS client. Our vision is that the process improvements we create with Nokia as part of its digital transformation will become benchmarks for business users across multiple industries. Both companies are committed to achieving this, and making the apps resulting from our collaboration available on the Celonis EMS Store. These will be pre-built, user-centric apps that address specific user needs and can be implemented quickly, confidently and effectively.”

Nokia CFO Marco Wirén notes: “Sharing our best practices by making these apps available on the Celonis EMS Store is part of Nokia’s commitment to innovation and technology leadership. In the same way we create value with intellectual property and long-term research at our award-winning Nokia Bell Labs, we intend that the Execution Apps we are creating on the Celonis platform will become recognised global standards.”

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