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Infosecurity Europe calls for increased cooperation, with Stronger Together the theme for 2022 event

Reed Exhibitions has announced that the theme for Infosecurity Europe 2022Europe’s number one information security event, will be Stronger Together. The exhibition and conference will run from Tuesday 21 to Thursday 23 June 2022, at ExCeL London. Building on 2021’s theme of resilience, the event will focus on the need for cybersecurity professionals to drastically increase cooperation and collaboration in order to keep our society safe and secure.

The conference programme will extensively explore and discuss a number of topics that underpin the Stronger Together theme, in particular on the Keynote Stage. These include:

  • Tackling the risk of insider threats and sophisticated malware attacks
  • Securing critical industrial control environments
  • Building a strong security-awareness culture
  • Crisis leadership and threat intelligence excellence
  • Mitigating the risks of a remote workforce
  • Enhancing the incident response strategy to minimise reputational risks
  • Diversity and inclusion in the information and cybersecurity workforce.

Nicole Mills, Exhibition Director at Infosecurity Group, says: “Cybersecurity threats are not only a risk to businesses and to public bodies – they have the potential to endanger and weaken society as a whole. The resources and expertise needed to counter these threats already exist within our industry, governments, and law enforcement agencies. By collaborating strategically on a global basis, we can strengthen our defence and our response, and protect our shared future.”

Infosecurity Europe is also pleased to confirm some of the exciting content and sessions that visitors will be able to take advantage of at the 2022 event.

  • The Keynote Stage will feature speakers from the sharp end of the industry who are tackling major information security challenges every day.
  • The Leaders Programme is a networking programme for senior decision-makers. There will be roundtable discussions each day, covering topics such as AI Governance and Bias, Incident and Crisis Management and The Journey to Vendor Governance.
  • The Tech & Strategy Talks are inspiring, bite-size presentations addressing the technical and strategic business aspects of implementing and executing an information security strategy.
  • The Insight Stage is a forum for suppliers and end-users to discuss the latest developments in information security, debate issues and exchange ideas.
  • Talking Tactics sessions deal very specifically with how to overcome a particular challenge.
  • The Technology Showcase and Innovation Showcase feature short sessions where exhibitors put their latest products and technologies and innovations in the spotlight.
  • Security Workshops are in-depth, interactive, practical learning-orientated sessions that will enable attendees to develop their skills while networking with peers.
  • Geek Street allows attendees to dive into the latest security research, develop technical know-how and test their cybersecurity skills. They can take part in in-depth round-table discussions, as well as immersive, hands-on learning experiences.

Infosecurity Europe also asked the security leaders on its Advisory Council about why and how the cybersecurity industry needs to work together more closely to help combat burgeoning threats.


Deborah Haworth, Chief Information Security Officer at Penguin Random House UK, says: “Information security professionals need to stand together against forces that threaten the stability of our society. Cyber-attacks are no longer about gaining kudos for breaching the unbreachable; they have become monetised and weaponised. Organised crime gangs and hostile states spreading misinformation and malware, whilst gathering data from passwords to credit card numbers, is just the beginning. We need to work together as trusted professionals – no one individual can protect the world, and there is no elite group with super-cyber powers.”

Mike Pitman, CISSP, Chief Information Security Officer, BSI Group believes that sharing threat intelligence within and across sectors needs to become the new normal. “Many security professionals already do this, despite some business leaders being concerned about sharing such sensitive information with ‘competitors’,” he says. “While sharing trade secrets or marketing information could affect a business’s commercial position or reputation, the sharing of threat intelligence could protect both. A security event on a competitor could mean that your organisation is next. Sharing the information you have works for both you and your industry as a whole.”

“Humans are a social species that require cooperation and collaboration to survive,” points out Barry Coatesworth, Director, Risk, Compliance and Security, Guidehouse. “With the exponential rise of cyber security threats, breaches and financial losses, cybersecurity collaboration has never been more important for organisations to survive. Collaboration is all about trust, and we are more successful when we share information. Finding the right forum and safe space to do this can still be a challenge.”

The full list of members on Infosecurity Europe’s Advisory Council can be viewed here:

Infosecurity Europe will run from Tuesday 21 to Thursday 23 June 2022 at ExCeL London. Full details about the exhibition and conference programme will be released on the website in the coming months.