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Fuse ranked number one learning system by The Craig Weiss Group

Fuse, the enterprise learning and knowledge platform that ignites people performance, has today been recognised as the #1 Learning System for 2022 by leading analyst firm, The Craig Weiss Group.

Fuse’s number one ranking on this year’s list – researched and produced by leading analyst and learning systems expert, Craig Weiss, is testament to the company’s strong suite of learning tech capabilities, in particular its AI-powered Knowledge Intelligence Engine and robust content search functionality.

Designed to make knowledge accessible, and to make learning a social and collaborative experience, Fuse drives business performance by providing learners with continual access to learning and subject matter expertise in the flow of work.

The platform distinguishes itself on six key market differentiators:

  • Intelligent search and 24/7 access to knowledge in the flow
  • Smart personalisation that delivers content in context and at the point of need
  • Collaboration functionalities that build learner confidence and support ongoing skills development
  • Social learning functionalities that connect the learner with subject matter experts and enable access to tacit knowledge
  • Performance enablement in the flow of work
  • Universal analytics that support a deeper understanding for driving learner engagement

Commenting on the recognition, Luke Oubridge, CEO at Fuse, said: “We’re absolutely thrilled to see Fuse named as the number one system in this prestigious ranking, and it’s fantastic endorsement for the hard work that our team has put into further developing our product.

Oubridge continued: “In the past 12 months alone, we have added AI-powered search capabilities and predictive performance support, creating a new and unique market category that is delivering tangible business benefits by reducing time to productivity and driving high performance on the job.

Oubridge concluded: “Ultimately, our customers choose Fuse because it’s a solution that aligns with how their people actually learn – through access to subject matter experts and knowledge in the flow of work. That’s very much the Fuse philosophy and we’re incredibly passionate about it.”