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More than 5 million vehicles now rely on TomTom’s maps for automated driving

TomTom (TOM2), the geolocation technology specialist, today announced new milestones for its advanced maps used in automated driving (AD) technologies.

Over five million SAE Level one and Level two automated vehicles (AV) sold by carmakers across North America and Europe rely on TomTom’s advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) map. This figure has increased tenfold over the last three years. In comparison, industry volumes in those regions have grown at half that rate during the same period1.

TomTom has also closed deals with many of the top ten carmaker groups globally for its high-definition (HD) map, including three of the top five2. The TomTom HD Map has been selected by these leading carmakers to support their most advanced AD technologies.

TomTom expects its ADAS Map sales to continue growing faster than the global market

“Having the world’s largest carmaker groups choose TomTom’s ADAS and HD maps to support the safety, comfort and efficiency of their vehicles’ most advanced automated driving functions, is proof of the quality and robustness of our automated driving product portfolio,” said Antoine Saucier, Managing Director, TomTom Automotive. “We’re now powering over five million automated vehicles on the road today. That number has grown exponentially over the past few years and will continue to grow faster than the global market over the coming years thanks to our latest deals, cementing TomTom’s leadership position in this market.”

Today, the TomTom ADAS Map supports over one third of all AVs equipped with an ADAS map. The TomTom ADAS Map provides advanced driver assistance systems with high-quality road information globally, including gradient, lanes, curvature, and speed limits, enabling vehicles to better anticipate the road ahead, improving driving safety, comfort, and eco-performance.

TomTom HD Map supports vehicles with partial automation all the way to full automation

The TomTom HD Map is a highly accurate representation of the road, featuring a myriad of attributes including lane models and lane geometry, with accuracy down to a few centimeters. TomTom’s HD map can be used to help an AV precisely localize itself on the road, to support sensors to understand vehicle surroundings, and to plan maneuvers. Because of these characteristics, the TomTom HD Map can be used to enable and improve different AD functions, such as autopilot and highway pilot, as well as full driving automation (SAE Level five).

1Based on actual and forecasted car production volumes 2019-2021 (source: ABI Research, August 2021).

2Based on forecasted car production volumes for 2021 (source: LMC Automotive, October 2021).

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