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Wrike Simplifies And Accelerates Project And Program Resource Planning With New Platform Feature

Wrike has announced the release of Resource Bookings, which unlocks more efficient cross-team and cross-department resource planning and collaborative work allocation. With Resource Bookings, department and team leaders, along with program and project managers, can forecast project and portfolio resource needs and evaluate scheduling scenarios before assigning work to team members across departments. This new feature builds on Wrike’s leadership in work and resource management and is further proof that Wrike is the most powerful work management platform for ensuring end-to-end successful project delivery.

Resource Bookings provides an easy way to evaluate a project’s impact on workloads and identify resourcing needs and constraints before a commitment is made. Leaders and managers can then prioritise projects by comparing resource needs against actual availability and delegate work based on skill and capacity. With flexible planning capabilities and real-time capacity and project progress updates, they can adjust and allocate employee workload for optimal resource utilisation. With full visibility into resource distribution across all projects, leaders and managers can monitor resourcing status in real time across all projects and quickly shift resources to achieve on-target delivery. After a project closes, they can compare estimated effort with time spent to optimise future planning exercises.

“Resource Bookings could not have come at a better time,” says Senior Vice President and Wrike General Manager, Citrix, Andrew Filev. “‘The Great Resignation’ is impacting organisations across all industries. Now, more than ever, it’s important to keep a finger on the pulse of your workforce because overworked employees won’t stick around for long. Leaders must carefully evaluate resource needs and availability before committing to the project. Resource Bookings is critical for teams because it provides insight into the demand on employees, so leadership can better evaluate and adjust workloads; thereby, reducing employee burnout before it becomes a problem.”

Wrike is the only collaborative work management (CWM) platform to bring these advanced resource management capabilities to the CWM space. By combining the power of a highly adopted CWM platform with project portfolio management (PPM) capabilities, such as this, department and team leaders and program and project managers no longer have to juggle work across separate solutions. For instance, users are now able to handle resource requests and project forecasting without leaving the platform through the use of Resource Bookings. Teams can plan, execute, manage, and measure initiatives at every level within a single, unified solution. In this way, teams have more visibility and can streamline work between departments, allowing them to move faster during times of change.

“Even with staff shortages on the rise, the volume of company projects will continue to increase,” continues Filev. “Additional headcount may be required to drive projects, but it’s becoming more difficult to come by given the job market so leaders must assign projects wisely. Resource Bookings is an accurate and efficient way to evaluate resource needs and availability to ensure project delivery, optimised resource utilisation, and employee satisfaction.”

Resource Bookings is available now to Pinnacle customers.

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