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Yugabyte University Expands to Accelerate Distributed SQL Innovation and Development of Resilient, Scalable, Cloud-Native Applications

Broadened Learning Programs Bolster Open Source Skill Sets and Professional Certifications with Self-Paced Courses, Virtual Training Courses, and Builder Workshops

Yugabyte, the leader in open source distributed SQL databases, announced today that it has expanded the course offerings and certification opportunities of its free education program, Yugabyte University. Yugabyte University now includes a broader range of self-paced courses, virtual training courses, and builder workshops. The expansion enables students to deepen their understanding of distributed SQL databases and provides them with the necessary skills to advance their career within the burgeoning developer market. The program enhancements build upon the successful launch of Yugabyte University in 2021 and are another example of Yugabyte’s commitment to the developer community through its 100% open source database.

Yugabyte University offers students a wide range of free resources, including video downloads, hands-on labs, office hours, discussions, and proof of completion. Leveraging its comprehensive course catalog and flexible learning environment, Yugabyte University intends to support the growing demand for distributed SQL database professionals by offering free training courses to over 10,000 new students and awarding more than 4,000 professional certifications in 2022.

“Giving developers new skills and the knowledge to build and operationalize cloud-native applications adds tremendous business value to any modern organization,” said Karthik Ranganathan, co-founder and CTO, Yugabyte. “The newly-expanded course offerings and certification opportunities empower Yugabyte University users to augment their existing expertise at no cost.”

Yugabyte University’s self-paced learning program is an attractive option for architects, developers, administrators and business leaders who want to either begin, or continue, to learn about distributed SQL, YugabyteDB and Yugabyte Cloud at their own speed. The multi-lesson courses combine concise video segments and reading materials to provide a fundamental understanding of why modern cloud-native applications require a distributed SQL database.

Participants enrolled in the self-paced learning program can take an exam at the end of each course that assesses their comprehension of the lessons. Students that successfully complete the course and pass the exam receive a digital certificate that establishes their credentials and validates their expertise.

Users interested in instructor-led courses can join one of several virtual training program courses. Virtual training courses cover the entire spectrum of distributed SQL topics from beginner to advanced, and each 90-minute session contains a mix of lectures and hands-on labs. These are packaged and delivered live over Zoom to educate attendees on a variety of topics, including YugabyteDB YCQL, YugabyteDB YSQL, YugabyteDB database administration (DBA), and YugabyteDB fundamentals. As with self-paced learning modules, participants in the virtual training program who complete the respective exams associated with a learning path will receive a professional certification.

In addition to the self-paced and virtual training courses, Yugabyte University’s expanded course catalog includes regularly-scheduled builder workshops. These are facilitated by Yugabyte instructors and cover developer frameworks and products such as Spring and Hasura GraphQL. Students interested in attending builder workshops and other virtual training sessions can register by visiting the Yugabyte University website and reviewing the upcoming training calendar.